San Diego Zoo

11 Aug

On our first full day in San Diego we did a stack of things.  We went to the San Diego Zoo, we visited the Air and Space Museum, we did an audio tour of the USS Midway and we took a cruise around the bay.  Yes we set a wild pace for our holiday but when you have a limited amount of time you have to squeeze in what you can.  Sleep must be forfeited and the pace must be stepped up.  🙂

Our first stop in San Diego was to pick up our San Diego Go Cards.  Those things were fantastic.  We paid a discounted price to gain entrance to a whole hoard of tourist venues….45 to be precise.

IMG_8527 (Small)

Being world renowned, the San Diego Zoo was high on our ‘must visit’ list, and a top attraction on our Go Cards.  It’s actually both a zoo and botanical garden.

IMG_8533 (Small)

Using our Go cards we were able to skip the long queues and just pick up our admission passes.  Oh how we loved our Go Card

IMG_8617 (Small)

To get a feel for the whole venue we took a tour bus ride around the zoo.

IMG_8557 (Small)

We quickly got the hint that Australia was much loved.

This was their express bus logo.

IMG_8538 (Small)

And this was seen in their eating area.

Oh I could have fill a whole usb card of Aussie focused things about the zoo.  They’re obsessed.  It hardly felt like we’d left home.  We had to look hard in the gift stores for things that didn’t have a koala or kangaroo featured on it.

IMG_8543 (Small)
The zoo is absolutely massive.

Not wanting to spend all day at the zoo we just picked the animals that we really wanted to see – the African animals, the big cats and the primates.  They were our favourites.

IMG_8595 (Small)

I loved the flamingos.  Can you see the baby chick this mother flamingo is tending to?

IMG_8550 (Small)

They apparently don’t get their pink colouring until they reach adulthood.

IMG_8551 (Small)

The mountain lion was a grand creature.  It was the most active of all the big cats, pacing back and forth in his cage.

IMG_8580 (Small)

While they have a lovely zoo to live in, I still feel sorry for the animals.  You can’t tell me that they prefer to live in these safe, well fed environments.  Just look at this jaguar.  I’m sure he’d prefer to be out in the wild, instead of looking at dull tourists which he can’t even eat.

IMG_8574 (Small)

I love the facial expressions of the monkeys.  I can understand why the misinformed evolutionists think that primates ‘evolved’ into man.  They do remind me of little old men.

IMG_8631 (Small)

IMG_8636 (Small)

IMG_8641 (Small)

Ethan’s favourite feature of the park was not an animal, but rather a form of transport – the skyway.

IMG_8626 (Small)

It joins one side of the park to the other and is really quite necessary given the size of the zoo.

IMG_8615 (Small)

From the cable cars you can see just how luscious the zoo was.

IMG_8623 (Small)

The final thing we planned to do was visit the panda enclosure.  The zoo is well know for this exhibit so we hiked down to the location.  Well, after seeing the long queue to get in to see them, we decided that no animal was worth standing in line for that long.  But, as fate would have it, we saw the pandas anyway.  As we were standing waiting to get past the people exiting the panda enclosure we spotted a panda between the legs of the people who had the patience to wait and see them.  So we can at least say that we saw the pandas in San Diego.  🙂

IMG_8643 (Small)

The San Diego Zoo was indeed a lovely zoo.  I was impressed with the variety of animals they exhibited and I saw many creatures I had never seen before.  But I must say, you need a good pair of walking shoes to enjoy that zoo.  It’s spread out over a massive area and you spend most of your time at the zoo walking between enclosures.  Thank goodness for their buses and skyway.


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3 responses to “San Diego Zoo

  1. Heidi Wilson

    August 11, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    WELCOME HOME!! So glad you made it back safe and sound and looking forward to seeing all your photos of the trip! I had NO idea you would be going to Mexico and Nevada as well – WOW!! We must have some catch up emails soon… I have missed you!!

    • Tracey

      August 11, 2013 at 9:47 pm

      Yeah well the Mexico and Las Vegas thing were last minute decisions. They weren’t on my original travel plan however I’m glad we can tick them off now. Not places I would return to but very interesting to experience just the once.

  2. Elsa

    August 11, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    We loved the San Diego Zoo also. We managed to spend a whole day there…think it was in a November, and lucky for us, we did manage the Pandas without a wait. They really are amazing. But…so is the rest of the zoo also! We loved the walks between places and the Skyway really showed how lush it all was didn’t it. Glad you got there, and thanks for the memories.


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