Cruising in San Diego

13 Aug

After everything else we did on the first day – the zoo, the museum and the aircraft carrier – we found the oomph to do one more thing – a boat cruise around the bay.

IMG_8812 (Small)

There were several cruises to choose from on our Go Card.  We chose the North Harbour option.

IMG_8817 (Small)

I highly recommend seeing a new city, that’s situated on the water, by boat.

IMG_8947 (Small)

The views were spectacular

IMG_8845 (Small)

and you can be assured that I photographed them all!

IMG_8844 (Small)

The boys loved the boat.  Despite choosing the windiest, coldest position on the boat, they sat glued to their seats for the duration.

IMG_8856 (Small)

We happened to catch a sailboat race while we were on the cruise.  At this point (as seen in the photo) they were just milling around but over the course of our cruise we saw the whole race.

IMG_8858 (Small)

And this funny little ‘boat’ was actually the race photographer.

IMG_8914 (Small)

You can see him better here.

IMG_8916 (Small)

We saw all sorts of transport on and around the bay.  Being right next to the San Diego ‘Flynavy’ we got to see what the US had to offer in terms of defense.  Let’s just say they are well prepared for pretty much everything.  It looked like they had more there in San Diego than we have in the whole of Australia!

IMG_8854 (Small)

We saw three aircraft carriers, not including the decommissioned one.  I don’t think Australia even has one currently.

IMG_8790 (Small)

Numerous helicopters flying over, landing and taking off.

IMG_8920 (Small)

Various jets sitting waiting for use.

IMG_8904 (Small)

A couple of submarines.

IMG_8892 (Small)

Even a bunch of navy seals on rafts coming back from exercises.

IMG_8927 (Small)

Oh and some sort of tugboat thingie.

The bay was a boy’s wonderland.

IMG_8926 (Small)

Almost forget the planes flying low over the city landing not far from our residence.

IMG_8930 (Small)

We also saw a ship being demagnetised, or degaussed.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?!  I hadn’t.

IMG_8882 (Small)

To reduce the ship’s magnetic signature, they wrap the whole ship in one continuous superconducting cable.

The things you learn.

IMG_8883 (Small)

Just off from the degaussing ship were floating pontoons full of sunbathing sea lions.

IMG_8891 (Small)

We actually saw a few of these fellows swimming around in the bay as we cruised along.

IMG_8887 (Small)

The cruise went for about an hour and was a lovely way to wrap up our first day in San Diego.

IMG_8851 (Small)

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One response to “Cruising in San Diego

  1. Petra

    August 13, 2013 at 9:16 am

    Wow! Demagnetising a boat! How strange!


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