Legoland California

14 Aug

The one place Brayden really, really wanted to go (even more than Disneyland) was Legoland.

IMG_8979 (Small)

It was a little boy’s wonderland.

IMG_8985 (Small)

All sorts of people rocked up to visit.

(Look carefully…and yes that is “Reserved Volvo Parking”)

IMG_8977 (Small)

Legoland is massive

IMG_8987 (Small)

and I’m quite sure we didn’t even see it all.

IMG_9022 (Small)

We thoroughly enjoyed their use of Lego creations throughout the park.

IMG_9002 (Small)

Everywhere you turned there was something else really clever.

IMG_9037 (Small)

My personal favourite was this car – a Volvo of course.

It was built on an actual Volvo car frame so it’s hollow.

Isn’t it clever.

Clearly there’s nothing you can’t build with Legos.

IMG_9023 (Small)
Because they truly were everywhere in the park, here’s a few more of our favourites:

The Thinker

IMG_9040 (Small)

A Buffalo

IMG_9078 (Small)

Einstein himself.

IMG_9081 (Small)

And my Star Wars fan’s favourite – Darth Vadar

IMG_9092 (Small)

Speaking of my Lego Star Wars fan, when he heard the news a few months ago, that the largest ever built Lego creation was a recreation of the x-wing, a space vehicle Luke Skywalker flew, would be housed at Legoland, he made sure we saw it.

I must say, I thought it would be bigger

IMG_9102 (Small)

but Brayden was impressed anyway.

IMG_9049 (Small)

He of course had to line up to have his photo taken with the Lego pilot, Luke himself.

IMG_9106 (Small)
Being his most dreamed of place, Brayden saved all of his spending money (and some) to use at Legoland.
IMG_9061 (Small)

Poor Daddy had to sit down with a fellow father and commiserate over all the money so quickly leaving his pockets (you should have seen the poor man when I went book shopping!).

IMG_9065 (Small)

To calm his nerves everyone went on a nice peaceful boat ride next.

IMG_9150 (Small)

We sailed around the canals viewing all the most famous landmarks in Legoland.

IMG_9128 (Small)

The Sydney Opera House of course

(I heard some child ask, “What’s that Daddy?”  and the Daddy didn’t know.  Tsk, tsk.)

IMG_8990 (Small)

The New York skyline

IMG_9136 (Small)

The Statue of Liberty

IMG_9138 (Small)

The Eiffel Tower and plenty more.

IMG_9131 (Small)

After the boat trip we wandered through mini land and visited several key US cities.

Las Vegas – the Excalibur Casino and hotel where we would stay later in the holiday.

IMG_9167 (Small)

New York, New York Casino and Hotel – situated right next door to the Excalibur and hosting a massive roller coast which my brother and hubby went on last in the night.

IMG_9168 (Small)

The Venetian – my favourite building

IMG_9170 (Small)

And this place – my favourite city.

Can you guess which it is?

IMG_9199 (Small)

Some helpful clues perhaps.

IMG_9204 (Small)

Surely you’ve figured it out by now.

Yes, San Francisco.

IMG_9205 (Small)

Brayden of course preferred the Star Wars area.

IMG_9217 (Small)

They were quite impressive…even for a lay person like myself.

IMG_9238 (Small)

All the big name characters were accounted for and lined the boulevard waiting for photos.

IMG_9256 (Small)

We spent a lot of our day checking out the clever creations but we did try a few rides too.  We waited an hour and a half for this ride (yes you read that correctly…it was the norm everywhere we went).

IMG_9270 (Small)

Thankfully the kids – big and small – thoroughly enjoyed it.

IMG_9272 (Small)

Ethan’s favourite ride was the Volvo Driving School.

IMG_9321 (Small)

At the entrance to the ride everyone was lining up at these machines to create Driver’s License.  So we lined up as well, created our licenses and took the ticket to the counter as directed.

IMG_9284 (Small)

We discovered, however, that it cost about $15 to get this laminated card and lanyard.  Yes, each!  The boys’ hearts were set on them so we handed over the cash, wondering how we were so easily blindsided.

IMG_9289 (Small)

It wasn’t until after we paid the big dollars that we read the fine print on the sign.

“Driver’s Licenses do NOT need to be purchased in order to ride”.

Wretched fine print!

But the boys did love those licenses, especially Ethan.

At that price, they would want to!  🙂

IMG_9286 (Small)

Our next scare was once we put the boys on the ride.  The boys were in their cars, too far off to tell them, when it occurred to us that they would be required to drive on the right (wrong) side of the road.  Those seconds before the green light were nerve racking, wondering how this would turn out (because it’s not like dodgems where you drive all over the place; they halt the ride for crazy drivers; the idea is to obey the road rules).

Thankfully two days in a foreign country was enough for them to understand how they should drive.


Grey hairs averted!

IMG_9324 (Small)

We really should have learned from our first fine print disaster, but clearly we are slow learners.

This ride here – Pirate Reef – is not your standard, ‘get a little wet’ log ride.

IMG_9033 (Small)

In fact it clearly says you’ll get drenched…

and they did.

They were soaked through.

Thankfully I had convinced them to hand over all their valuables, for safekeeping, before the ride.

But the funniest part was that Brayden was bone dry when he got off the ride.  Being so little, the water just splashed over the top of him.  So he was killing himself laughing at his Daddy and Uncle who were absolutely soaked.  As they crossed over the bridge, Brayden stopped to use the water cannon on the next set of riders coming down in another boat.  Liam and Scott had walked ahead and turned around just as that boat splashed down under the bridge Brayden was standing on. The splash was so forceful the water rose up and literally knocked Brayden backwards, almost off his feet.  Dripping wet, he wasn’t laughing anymore but his Daddy and Uncle sure were.

IMG_9036 (Small)

So it pays to heed the warnings and one mustn’t laugh at others’ misfortunes.  Hehehe.  But boy was it funny.

Legoland will forever be a very memorable place for us.  🙂


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3 responses to “Legoland California

  1. Petra

    August 14, 2013 at 2:24 am

    Now that trip looked like fun! I liked the look of the back-packs in the shop – made to look like a lego brick. What’s with the Volvo thing?

  2. Tracey

    August 14, 2013 at 2:36 am

    My guess is that volvo is some kind of sponsor or something.

  3. kathryncoard

    August 17, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    We went to Legoland in Windsor last year and loved it.


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