San Diego Safari Park

14 Aug

Well Legoland was day two in San Diego, well three if you count the afternoon we arrived.

On day three, or is that day four, we visited the Safari Park and Sea World.

There were a lot less people at the Safari Park than there had been at the Zoo.  It’s a bit further out from San Diego though, approximately 30 minutes; not all that far from Legoland if I remember correctly.

IMG_9356 (Small)

It was a stinky hot day, or it could just have been that we were further from the sea breezes we had grown used to, and it seemed so much like Africa it was uncanny.

IMG_9360 (Small)

The Safari Park is another rather large park and by day three our feet were in constant throbbing mode.

IMG_9358 (Small)

Thankfully there were plenty of sit down shows we could relax at.

We thought this show was the feature bird show, but it turned out to be the prequel to the show.  The trainers ran us through how the birds had been conditioned to perform in their shows.

IMG_9369 (Small)

It was actually rather fascinating.

They start with small tasks and gradually build on them; always rewarding and never punishing.

Like getting this bird below, named Grover, to run from one cage to another, with the lure of nice tasty food in his cage.  In time they’ll move Grover’s cages further and further apart until he can run from one side of the stage to the other.

IMG_9375 (Small)

I was taking mental notes of how they get their creatures to do what they wanted.  I have two of my own little creatures that some of these tricks could work on.  🙂

IMG_9544 (Small)

The ‘actual’ bird show was great too.  Our favourite part was Congo, the talking bird.  I’m sure you’ll find him as delightful as we did.

Bird Talk from Tracey L on Vimeo.

Once our feet recuperated, we went for a stroll through the lemur enclosure.  Yes, you actually walked into their enclosure.  I suspect on a cooler day they would have been running a muck as we had to be sanitised, we had to put away all loose articles and we were instructed never to bend over…I don’t know what would happen if you did.  But this particular day the lemurs lolled around in their shelter and just watched us parade through their home in the hot sun, probably thinking us foolish for not seeking some shade.

IMG_9379 (Small)

They were really cute though.

IMG_9380 (Small)

Now did I mention how big this park was.  Not unlike Dubbo Zoo for those in Australia who have visited.  However you can’t drive your own vehicle through.  (I actually think Dubbo Zoo is bigger…and quietly, better too)

IMG_9388 (Small)

Thankfully there are various, non-walking methods to see the park.

I eyed off this tethered Balloon Walk but unfortunately there were limited places and the last two went to the people in front of us.

IMG_9394 (Small)

The views would have been spectacular but I suppose it would have defeated the purpose of seeing the animals.

IMG_9395 (Small)

Instead we took the guided tram tour

IMG_9432 (Small)

…once we worked our way through the queue.

IMG_9422 (Small)

Heat, jet lag, late nights, early mornings and big days were getting to some of our troupe by day three.

IMG_9424 (Small)

We saw lackadaisical lions,

IMG_9406 (Small)

the resident rhinos,

IMG_9492 (Small)

gracious giraffes,

IMG_9495 (Small)

elegant elephants,

IMG_9515 (Small)

grand gorillas,

IMG_9536 (Small)

and some of these things.

IMG_9462 (Small)

But my favourite creature was this funny looking fellow.

IMG_9525 (Small)

Oh the things you see at the Safari Park.


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