SeaWorld San Diego

15 Aug

Originally I hadn’t consider Sea World on our list of places to visit.  We live right near the Australian Sea World and they are rumoured to be pretty comparable.  However Sea World San Diego has something the Gold Coast Sea World doesn’t – whales.

Since Sea World was one of the paid for attractions on our Go Card, we decided we’d pop in and spend an afternoon and evening there.

IMG_9576 (Small)

They were pretty similar.  In fact our walk through aquarium beat theirs hands down.

IMG_9616 (Small)

However I did love being able to get up close and personal with the dolphins.  You could even pat them!

IMG_9610 (Small)

We took the boys on a few rides also.   One was a River Rapid ride just like Dreamworld’s version, only on the San Diego version you get really wet.  We expected ‘Dreamworld type’ wet but no.  Australia has tamed down their rapid ride over the years so you hardly get wet at all.  Not so in the US.  In fact spectators can pay a quarter to fire a soaking cannon at you.  My brother had a ‘Brayden’ experience on this ride.  The rapid splashes hadn’t wet him much at all, and he thought that was rather funny, and then we went around the bend and the public saturated him with their cannons.  Ha, ha!

While waiting for the main attraction – the evening whale show, our whole purpose for visiting Sea World – we checked out a few other shows.  The sea lion show was hilarious.

IMG_9625 (Small)

Well the sea lion part was pretty ordinary; good but nothing to write home about.

IMG_9634 (Small)

The highlight of the show was the pre-show entertainment.  Oh we laughed so much we nearly burst.  And it’s hard to explain why as it was just this guy pretending to clean the stage beforehand.

IMG_9623 (Small)

But of course he couldn’t help himself and he gets into the costume box and, as inspired by the music he’s playing on his jumbo ipod, totally cracks you up.  He was definitely a highlight for us.

IMG_9624 (Small)

At Sea World the boys tried their first Churro.  They sell these things everywhere in Southern California.  Whenever you are looking for some other snack, all you can ever find are Churros.  Thankfully the boys quite liked them.

IMG_9613 (Small)

As I mentioned earlier, the whole point of our Sea World visit, was to see the killer whales.  The Sea World whales have quite a reputation around the world, so we had to see them.

IMG_9586 (Small)

We didn’t see the day time show, but aimed for the evening, “Shamu Rocks” show instead.

(Shamu was the name of Sea World’s first killer whale, but is now the general show name for any of the starring whales.)

IMG_9656 (Small)

And it was a spectacular show!

I was surprised by the capacity of the stadium.  It can hold 5 500 people.  You need to be wary where you sit though.  Closer, lower seating should not be coveted…

IMG_9669 (Small)

unless you are prepared to get really wet!

The name, “The Soak Zone”, steered us pretty quickly towards the top.  Summer evenings in San Diego were actually quite chilly.  We were wearing our jumpers, as were many of the audience, and they were selling blankets.

IMG_9685 (Small)

The orcas (killer whales) totally fulfilled our expectations and more.  They are awesome animals.

(And I mean ‘awesome’ in the true sense of the word and not some young hipster slang style of speech meaning, ‘it was fun’.)

IMG_9665 (Small)

Photos don’t really give you an idea of how awe-inspiring these animals were so check out a snippet I captured on video.

Shanu Rocks from Tracey L on Vimeo.

Visiting Sea World was worth it just for the whales.

(Oh and no trainers were killed during the show…in case you were wondering.)


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2 responses to “SeaWorld San Diego

  1. Jen in NSW

    August 15, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    I thought you may have tried the churros at Dreamworld. I must admit to loving the rapids at Dreamworld. It’s a great introduction to ‘scary’ rides for little ones who have never been to a theme park. Of course the log ride ended up being the then 3 year old’s favourite. I can’t wait to get an annual pass when we move up there. 🙂

    I am loving seeing your adventures.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  2. Tracey

    August 15, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    No, never had a churro before. I know you can get them here but they aren’t common enough that you are urged to try one.


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