Los Angeles – our new pad

18 Aug

After we finally got out of Mexico we drove up to Los Angeles, our next leg of our Californian holiday.

IMG_9811 (Small)

And yes Los Angeles traffic is as you expected.  But as I said in an earlier post, at least it flows.

The other thing I noticed about LA freeways is that there are a lot of them and they connect to each other.  You can be on one freeway, exit off that freeway, expecting to be taking a quieter road, only to find yourself on yet another freeway.  You can do this several times and still find yourself on a freeway!  It seems to be the mode of choice, connecting all the good stuff together.

IMG_9809 (Small)

We arrived at our new pad in the evening so I waited until morning to snag a few photos.

We had a devil of a time trying to find the place.  It was advertised as a house, but a house to an American and a house to an Australian, clearly mean different things.  This was most definitely not a house, but more of a complex unit or something of that type.  Not that it was a problem.  It was still nice.  But it made it very hard to find at night.

(Add to that that our nerves were frayed from being tired, we hadn’t eaten, and had just discovering that someone’s shower gel had opened and oozed through all of the luggage – mostly mine.)

This was the entrance and the reason we just couldn’t find the thing.

IMG_9858 (Small)

Our unit was right at the end.

IMG_9856 (Small)

Our view, standing at the front door, looking back towards the street.

IMG_9848 (Small)

Ethan loved this place as it used a key pad instead of a key.  Everyday it was his job to enter the code and let us into the house.

IMG_9850 (Small)

This was our lounge area.  Both of these lounges folded down to beds if you needed them.

IMG_9846 (Small)

And our kitchen.

This kitchen lacked some of the thought of the other.  It’s a commercial holiday home, like the last, but they haven’t included things like can openers, water jugs etc.  The stuff that just makes your stay easier.  It was still nice.

IMG_9819 (Small)

From the kitchen sink window you could see our shared laundry.

(The door to the left, near the laundry, was another unit).

We had to pay $2 to do a load of washing so we were riffling through everyone’s wallets and purses looking for quarters.  Quarters were gold during our trip.  You needed quarters for the washing machines, quarters for the parking meters and quarters to go to the toilet!

Even though they are clearly called ‘quarters’, I couldn’t get the hang of not handing over five of them to try and make a dollar.  (For my US readers, we don’t have quarters, we have 20 cent pieces, and obviously five of these make a dollar.)

IMG_9821 (Small)

This was our dining room table.  Not exactly functional for seven of us so we used it to hang our washing.  Stretching washing lines between legs of the table and the chairs.  Worked a charm.

IMG_9837 (Small)

Here’s the hall off the lounge that went down to the three master bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

IMG_9822 (Small)

The three bedrooms were all a great size and looked fairly similar.

IMG_9817 (Small)

The bathrooms however had…ummm…character.

I know.  What were they thinking?!

Ah but the water was hot (if you got in before person four) and had great pressure.  That’s all we cared about.  (Too bad for persons five, six and seven.  Hehehehe.)

IMG_9842 (Small)

Mind you, the bathrooms were strangely located right next to each other.  They must have designed the unit with the purpose of holiday groups.  I wondered if all the other units were built the same, although they were clearly permanent residents.  I know because one was having a yard sale at 10pm when we arrived the first night.

IMG_9827 (Small)

So that was our little LA abode.

It’s only flaw was the parking situation, something LA residents wouldn’t bat an eyelid at I’m sure.  No one in the area had off street parking so we all had to share the parking on the street…which was fine if you didn’t mind walking a block or two to your car each morning.

Oh and you had to mind the parking signs.  They clean the streets once a week (in all three cities we visited) and different sides of the street, and different areas, had different days and times that you could not park there.  So for instance, we couldn’t park on the left hand side of the street on Wednesday from 8 to 10am.  So at 8am we had to dash outside and move our car to the other side of the street and the ticket guys were there one minute after, booking and towing people too.

IMG_9857 (Small)

Nothing like a holiday to make you appreciate your garage and own driveway.

Ah, the joys of home…although we did enjoy life in LA too.

Especially the shopping.  They had great shopping!


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