21 Aug


The happiest place on earth.

IMG_0285 (Small)

It’s such a massive place that you have to take a shuttle from the carpark to the actual park.  They are very well organised though and experts at moving a lot of people fast.

IMG_0269 (Small)

Doesn’t the lead vehicle look space age?

IMG_0270 (Small)

Everything about Disneyland is out of this world.

IMG_0286 (Small)

We started with Walt Disney’s favourite attraction – the train.

Did you know that Walt loved trains?

IMG_0300 (Small)

A trip around the park helped us orient ourselves and gave us time to study the map.  It’s really hard to get your mind around how best to get the most out of the day.  We decided to just enjoy what we managed to squeeze into our day and not rush madly about the park trying to do everything, which I’m quite sure would be impossible anyway.

IMG_0311 (Small)

The Enchanted Tiki Room was the first place we chose…well actually we were still overwhelmed at that point and just decided to make a decision and the Tiki Room was in front of us at the time.

IMG_0325 (Small)

It turned out that the Tiki Room was actually at Brisbane’s World Expo.  Now I don’t know if Expo copied it, or Disneyland, but I did recall it part the way through the show.

Hanging from the ceiling are many birds that come to life in a singing show,

IMG_0356 (Small)

later the carvings even come to life and perform.  It’s a lovely little show.

IMG_0354 (Small)

Our first ride was the Jungle Cruise.  It was also our first experience of lining up at Disneyland.  Yes, even at the happiest place on earth you have to stand in a ridiculously long line.  This was a 40 minute wait – a normal length wait.

IMG_0357 (Small)

On the Jungle Cruise the attraction is actually your boat driver.

IMG_0362 (Small)

His (or her) corny jokes bring the jungle to life.

IMG_0371 (Small)

Most of our time was spent in Tomorrowland.

IMG_0572 (Small)

We utilised the Fastpass system in this land.  It’s a brilliant idea if you make good use of it.

IMG_0293 (Small)

It allows you to bypass the longer lines and get in the much shorter fastpass lines.

IMG_0408 (Small)

Autopia was the ride that caught Ethan’s eye.  He always likes the cars.

IMG_0427 (Small)

It was a good long ride too, weaving up and down and around the autopia freeways.

IMG_0416 (Small)

Brayden’s our speedster.  Poor Liam got the ride of his life.  I know, because I had to drive with him next!  Hehehe.

IMG_0417 (Small)

The Jedi Training Show made Brayden’s heart go pitter patter.  He would have loved to be chosen but they mostly chose younger children.

IMG_0481 (Small)

Using our fastpasses Brayden got several rides of Star Tours.  It was a flight simulator type of ride.

IMG_0294 (Small)

What I loved about Disneyland was the detail and effort that went into even the queuing areas.  Your time in line never seemed quite as long when you had new and interesting things to look at around every bend.

IMG_0454 (Small)

Brayden was in heaven in the Star Wars stores at Disneyland.  He built (and paid through the nose for) a double ended light up lightsaber.

(Doesn’t Ethan look thrilled in this photo.  He doesn’t have any interest in Star Wars.)

IMG_0492 (Small)

He also made his own custom-made droid.

IMG_0499 (Small)

He told me that now that he had ridden his favourite ride and purchased his favourite things he was perfectly happy for the rest of the day.  Yes I think Disneyland may have been the happiest place on earth for him.

IMG_0500 (Small)
On the way back to the lockers, to stash the double-ended lightsaber, we found the ideal spot to view the parade from.  No standing around holding prime positions waiting for the parade to arrive.  One of the few times we didn’t have to wait for something good.

IMG_0513 (Small)

It was a lively and colourful parade.

IMG_0527 (Small)

Full of all the Disney favourites.

IMG_0532 (Small)
In the early afternoon we hadn’t even walked through some of the lands so we went on a stroll to see all the traditional Disney sights.

IMG_0592 (Small)

The castle is the central location and you find yourself walking through and around it all day.  We didn’t actually take the time to walk up and through it.  It wasn’t on the boys list of important things to do and I was happy enough photographing it from the outside.

IMG_0577 (Small)

Prior to our visit to Disneyland the boys had to study Walt Disney.  Isn’t it just like a homeschooling parent to turn even Disneyland into a study topic?!  Hehehe.

IMG_0568 (Small)

But it really helped the boys to appreciate where they were spending the day

IMG_0569 (Small)

…especially since they didn’t really know many of the Disney characters.

Which reminds me, I need to read the story of Sleeping Beauty to the boys.  They didn’t know it!  But I’ll stick to the original Grimm version.

IMG_0574 (Small)

The only things that are never happy at Disneyland are your feet.  Mine used the excuse of treating the boys to an overpriced ice cream just to get a few moments of recuperation.

IMG_0599 (Small)

The boys had no complaints.

IMG_0595 (Small)

Nearby was the “It’s a Small World” ride and the line was surprisingly short so we took the opportunity to join the queue.

IMG_0616 (Small)

Hubby was having a few flashbacks of his time at Disneyland as a kid.

IMG_0608 (Small)

His boat had got stuck inside the building and he had to endure the song, “It’s a Small World” repeatedly until the maintenance crew got the boats going again.

IMG_0665 (Small)

 Thankfully that wasn’t our fate this day.

IMG_0652 (Small)
The best time of day for many of the more popular attractions was later in afternoon.

IMG_0678 (Small)

Earlier in the day we’d wanted to walk through Tarzan’s Treehouse but just weren’t prepared to wait the ridiculous time to tour it.  Later in the day we walked passed and there was no one in the queue.

IMG_0716 (Small)

We slipped on Pirates of the Caribbean in the same way.  We walked past and the line was listed as only a 15 minute wait.  Whoohoo!!

IMG_0718 (Small)

It’s all about timing at Disneyland.

IMG_0724 (Small)

My favourite thing at Disneyland was the castle lights as day turned to night.

IMG_0753 (Small)

So magical.

IMG_0758 (Small)

Disneyland turns into a whole new place by night.

IMG_0755 (Small)

And, despite the crowds, you simple must stay for the fireworks.  They are like nothing else you’ve ever experienced.  Truly amazing.  Photos do it no justice…especially my terrible one.

IMG_0770 (Small)

And even videos are a poor substitute but it’ll help you get the basic idea.

Disneyland Fireworks from Tracey L on Vimeo.

Our day at Disneyland was wonderful.

Happiest place on earth?

Well happiest is in the heart and it goes wherever you go,

so sure, Disneyland is one of the many happiest places on earth.

IMG_0618 (Small)


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