Venice Beach – Santa Monica Pier

22 Aug

On our second day in L.A. we headed to Venice Beach for breakfast.

IMG_0785 (Small)

Venice Beach wasn’t exactly what I had envisaged.

IMG_0833 (Small)

It was souveniry type shops on one side and the beach on the other.

IMG_0842 (Small)

My brother told me that Venice Beach is more about the interesting people than the venue itself.

IMG_0831 (Small)

Well there were certainly a lot of colourful characters about.

Sadly there was also a lot of homeless people sleeping along the path.

IMG_0826 (Small)

We didn’t see any body builders but we saw their gyms along the way.  Venice Beach is supposedly well know for these body builders who enjoy the attention of the passing public.

IMG_0824 (Small)

And if you had certain medicinal needs, you could have them taken care of at numerous places along the beach.  🙂

IMG_0818 (Small)

No cash on you.  Never fear there are a LOT of ATMs along Venice Beach.

IMG_0821 (Small)

Most stores had their own ATM machines right alongside the merchandise.

Check out this one.  It’s on wheels even!

IMG_0844 (Small)

There were dozens of t-shirt shops along the way.  We amused ourselves reading many of them.

My family felt I needed this shirt.

IMG_0822 (Small)

My wise brother, in his infinite wisdom, decided that we should walk to Santa Monica Pier.

IMG_0872 (Small)

He assured us it was a short walk.

Never believe your brother!

IMG_0840 (Small)

The beach was so different to our Gold Coast beaches.  So flat and empty and a lot more sand.

IMG_0854 (Small)

No flags to swim between either but several lifeguard towers, just like the ones on Baywatch.  🙂

IMG_0858 (Small)

Oh and we don’t have tsunami signs on our beaches either.  Maybe we should but they aren’t really comforting.

IMG_0845 (Small)

Two thirds of the way through our walk the pier finally came into view….in the distance.

IMG_0866 (Small)

See the horizon in this photo.

Well we walked from that horizon to the foreground.

“A short walk,” says my brother!

IMG_0875 (Small)

The kids – big and small – amused themselves by walking along the raised borders.  It entertained us for a while.

IMG_0857 (Small)

We finally made it to Santa Monica Pier…barely alive.

IMG_0876 (Small)

It’s pretty much just a mini amusement park on a pier.

IMG_0877 (Small)

I wasn’t quite sure why we walked there but I took pictures anyway so we could tick it off.  🙂

IMG_0878 (Small)

With our remaining oomph, we walked to the end of the pier to see the views.  Gotta tick off this pier thing properly you know.

IMG_0885 (Small)

The beaches on the other side of the pier were much more populated than the ones we’d walked along already.

IMG_0882 (Small)

Thankfully my brother redeemed himself by walking back to get the car for us old folk.

My boys went with him.

Where do they get their energy?!!



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