Endeavour Space Shuttle

23 Aug

After our breakfast at Venice Beach and our epic walk to Santa Monica Pier we rushed to California ScienCenter.  We had a 12.30pm booking and it was already that time when we left the Pier.  Eeeek!!

IMG_0889 (Small)

My brother talked our way in though and had us walking in moments later.  He’s good like that.

IMG_0894 (Small)

The purpose of our visit was purely to see the Endeavour Shuttle.  We’d get to see plenty of Science Centres in San Fransisco.

Do you remember seeing the Endeavour space shuttle being piggybacked on a plane across the US?

Well it was headed for L.A. so that it could be permanently housed in their Science Centre.  We watched a video very similar to this one that shows how they got the shuttle through the streets of L.A.  Apparently a lot of trees lost their limbs for this journey.

So we had to take the opportunity to visit!

IMG_0897 (Small)

Prior to the room where the shuttle was housed, there was a room full of exhibits.  One of our favourites was this space toilet.  There was a little video there that explained how a person would utilise it.  Haven’t you always wondered?  Well we need to wonder no more.

IMG_0905 (Small)

Another really cool exhibit was this wheel that came off the Endeavour Shuttle.  It was on the shuttle when it landed for the last time.  Look at the damage the landing does to the tires.  Clearly they had to change the tires after each trip.  You could reach over and touch the Endeavour’s tire.  Of course we all did.

IMG_0902 (Small)

These ‘mission control panels’ are also authentic.  The assembly launched all of the shuttles from 1981 to 2011.

IMG_0910 (Small)

The exhibits and pieces of accompanying information were interesting but the main attraction was the shuttle itself.  Everyone, as they stepped in the building, stopped in awe of the shuttle.

We were so glad we took the time to see this historic vehicle.

IMG_0919 (Small)

Up close it’s so different from what you expect.  It looks a lot frailer up close and you can see all the dings and marks from its various space adventures.

IMG_0927 (Small)

These ceramic tiles on the base of the shuttle are of vital importance…as I suppose all of the shuttle was when it was your lifeline.  Every tile has a number and was inspected before each launch.  All 23 000 of them.  The darker panels are panels that have been replaced more recently.

IMG_0924 (Small)

There were lots of volunteers around the room and we made use of their expert knowledge.  They bought the mundane details to life and answered all of our questions.

IMG_0937 (Small)

We spent ages in the hanger with the shuttle.  We just wanted to soak it all up and didn’t want to miss a thing.

IMG_0938 (Small)

I’m sure I photographed it from every single angle.  Hubby had me photographing all of the information boards too so he could read them again later.  He’s a bit odd like that.  🙂

IMG_0940 (Small)

The hanger is only a temporary home for the shuttle.  At some point the shuttle will be displayed vertically I assume from the posters.  That would be a sight to see.

IMG_0958 (Small)

We didn’t take the time to see much more of the Science Centre, other than a few miscellaneous space exhibits on the way out.

IMG_0954 (Small)

My brother, Scott, and Brayden did stop to try their hands at lifting a car though.  People who’ve been to the Brisbane Science Centre might remember the big lever to lift the fridge.  Well this was the same, only way cooler, because you get to lift a car.

IMG_0964 (Small)

Scott and Brayden were pretty chuffed with their efforts.  They can now say they’ve lifted a car.

IMG_0966 (Small)

They can also say they’ve see the Endeavour Space Shuttle up close and personal and that was way cooler than lifting a car!

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One response to “Endeavour Space Shuttle

  1. Elsa

    August 24, 2013 at 7:44 am

    Very cool. Would have loved to have seen that.


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