Hollywood & Baseball

24 Aug

Two things I’m not terribly interested in so I’ll squish them all in one post.  🙂

Yes we visited the standard L.A. tourist haunts while we were there.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to see the stars’ hand and foot impressions.

IMG_1042 (Small)

It’s an iconic spot that you have to say you’ve seen but I knew hardly any of the stars.

IMG_1034 (Small)

However it did have one interesting star.

No one believed me when I said they were there somewhere but they humoured me and looked for it anyway.

R2D2, C3PO and Darth Vadar!

IMG_1033 (Small)

Brayden was truly impressed.

IMG_1018 (Small)

Finally a star he knew.

We don’t watch much tv.  🙂

IMG_1017 (Small)

I dutifully spent a little time looking at the names of stars I didn’t know.

IMG_1011 (Small)

The boys and I played a game of looking for impressions of things that weren’t hand and feet, like Whoopi’s hair braids (yes I’m familiar with Whoopi).

IMG_1012 (Small)

We also walked a section of the Walk of Fame.

Hmmm…very nice.  Next.

IMG_1028 (Small)

I recognised more of the stars here than in front of the theatre.

IMG_1009 (Small)

But the real attraction on Hollywood Boulevard was the people.  From people dressed up as your favourite characters to lure you to pay money to have your photo with them, to the absolutely bizarre and somewhat unhinged.

IMG_1032 (Small)

Our final stop was the Hollywood sign we’d heard so much about.  Scott took us to a popular vantage point.

Can you see the people in the distance arch on the walkway?  That’s where we viewed the sign from.

I was a little excited about it.  Finally we’d see this sign.  We’d been looking for days and hadn’t caught a glimpse yet.

IMG_0994 (Small)


Do you see it?

Look carefully.

Hang on I’ll zoom in for you.

IMG_1000 (Small)

Can you see it now?

Yes, I’m not pulling your leg.

That’s the sign we hear so much about.

Yep, I’ll zoom in a little more for you.

IMG_1003 (Small)



Seen the sign.

IMG_1002 (Small)

Not really being all that interested in the life of stars we did a superficial drive down Rodeo Drive and through Beverley Hills just to say we’d done it but we were in kind of a rush.

The boys, as in ‘Liam and Scott’ had tickets for a baseball game that night and the rest of us were taking our first and only night off.  Being in bed before 11pm was a real treat for us.

IMG_1425 (Small)

The boys were incredibly lucky to be in town when two big name teams were playing.  They were particularly chuffed about it.

IMG_1431 (Small)

They had a great night and the rest of us had time to pack our bags for the next leg of our trip and got an early night as well.  Smiles all round!  🙂

IMG_1423 (Small)

Farewell L.A.


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4 responses to “Hollywood & Baseball

  1. Jen in NSW

    August 25, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    I know it isn’t on the same scale but this weekend we went to Rouse Hill to visit an old home from 1825. I don’t the boys really appreciated the history as much as they might have if I had thought to share more from a living book or two about the era before we went. It does seem to take us creating connections to help them to really relate to some things. And if you don’t watch a lot of movies then I guess actor’s names would mean little to you and yours. As you say, at least you can say you did it.

    • Tracey

      August 25, 2013 at 10:48 pm

      So true. It’s vitally important to help the kids make connections between what they are seeing and its significance. Otherwise it’s just an old building. By reading so much to my boys before we left it made places exciting to finally see. Alcatraz was no longer just an old place on an island. It was that place they sent Al Capone, and that notorious prison built to hold the worst of the worst. It makes all the difference. Seeing the places means nothing without the mental hooks to hang it from.

      I’m don’t hold much of a revere for actors, singers and other stars, even the ones I know. There are people who have done a lot more for mankind than these people and who’ve lived much more wholesome lives too. Talent? Questionable. Just not my cup of tea. Give me someone with a real skill, something truly useful, like an author. 🙂

      • Jen in NSW

        August 25, 2013 at 11:07 pm

        I do wonder about revering people who show themselves to be mentally unstable and prone to bad behaviours. Well, at least that is what the media portrays actors etc as being. JM2C.

  2. Tracey

    August 25, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    It’s hard to know isn’t it. Media is terrible but then some of the behaviours shown by the media of the stars would be hard to make up. Let’s hope that at least a good proportion of them are living well and we just don’t hear about it.
    I’ve almost weaned myself completely off tv so I may never know. Hehehehe.


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