Off to San Francisco

27 Aug

Next, our journey was to take us north to San Francisco.

IMG_1114 (Small)

Between Los Angeles  and San Francisco there was a whole day’s drive.

No we didn’t take the prettier coast road.  It adds hours to your journey and living on the ocean we decided to do something different and go inland.

Leaving Los Angeles we headed through a mountainous area,

IMG_1055 (Small)

past plenty of oil pumping do-dads (of course that’s the technical term!)

IMG_1066 (Small)

and numerous farms, which kept us guessing at what they were growing.

(Could I please request some signs out the fronts of people’s farms?)

IMG_1080 (Small)

These trucks helped.


Although I’m sure some of the trees we saw were citrus too.

IMG_1084 (Small)

But mostly the road was just flat, straight and uninteresting.

IMG_1071 (Small)

So we amused ourselves in the car…eating…tasting American lollies.

I discovered I’m allergic to their ordinary M&Ms.  Clearly they use different food colouring to our Aussie version.

IMG_1081 (Small)

Closer to San Francisco the views changed and became more interesting again.

Fields and fields of wind farms.

IMG_1105 (Small)

We entered San Francisco via Oakland (which is the city across the bay from San Fran), crossing their impressive Bay Bridge.

IMG_1120 (Small)

Check out this Bay Bridge!

It’s one of the longest bridge spans in the world.

IMG_1838 (Small)

There’s the first part of the bridge,

IMG_1130 (Small)

then a tunnel section and finally the other side of the bridge.

IMG_1128 (Small)

And the coolest part – it’s a double decker bridge.  Into San Fran you travel on the top deck, and out, you get the bottom deck.  So cool!!

IMG_2883 (Small)

Entering San Francisco’s outskirts I was surprised to see the tangled freeway network that I had expected to see more of in Los Angeles.

IMG_1144 (Small)

Closer to the city it dissipated though.

This was the street we traveled each day (on a bus) to get to the city (in the background).

IMG_1218 (Small)

On arriving in San Francisco we headed straight to our new home.

Here we once again parked in the street.

Street parking is a nightmare in San Francisco so once we got a spot we left our car there and used public transport.

IMG_1209 (Small)

Our San Fran house was really cute.

IMG_1154 (Small)

Skinny and tall is the housing fashion.

IMG_1162 (Small)

As you walked in, you found yourself in a little entrance room and these double french doors bought you into the house.

IMG_1227 (Small)

Everything about the house was gorgeous.

Doesn’t it look warm and cosy.  Let me assure you there was nothing warm about San Francisco.

It was cold!!  Really cold.

What’s that quote…

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” (and no, Mark Twain never said it!)

Well it’s true.  But San Franciscans don’t know it, as the home owners had turned off the central heating for the summer.  Ya what?!!


IMG_1228 (Small)

Walking through the front hall (you could have entered the tv room to the right if you wanted, but bear with me, we’ll get there soon)

IMG_1229 (Small)

you get to the kitchen.

IMG_1165 (Small)

Directly across from the kitchen was a lounge area,

IMG_1166 (Small)

where the home owners had left us some friendly faces.

IMG_1197 (Small)

Opening off the lounge area was the tv room I mentioned before.

IMG_1226 (Small)

Turning back around you can see the panorama of the living areas.

IMG_1230 (Small)

The dining area was tucked away in the corner (that little doorway to the right led to a bathroom),

IMG_1225 (Small)

looking out on the patio and tiny courtyard.

IMG_1182 (Small)

Upstairs there were three bedrooms.  A massive master bedroom.

IMG_1202 (Small)

and two children’s rooms

IMG_1203 (Small)

Our family squeezed into the kiddy rooms, leaving the biggest room for Grandma and Grandad.

IMG_1179 (Small)

Scott got stuck with the basement, which he chose because it had a tv.  But he had plenty of company down there with mum and I going up and down the stairs doing loads of laundry late into the night.

Actually the basement wasn’t really a basement.  It was at street level.

IMG_1191 (Small)

To get to the ‘basement’, you had to exit the house via the front door, tramp down the stairs in your pjs, waving to the passer-bys, and dash in the ‘basement’ room.  Oh many a laugh was had doing this…and it was cold too.  🙂

IMG_1155 (Small)

So that was our little San Franciscan place.  It was lovely and we have interesting memories of it.

One night we heard what we are sure was guns shots and not much later a police car drove up the street.  A little googling later we discovered that twice this year they’ve had gun shootings a couple of blocks up.

Life is exciting in the big smoke.

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One response to “Off to San Francisco

  1. Jen in NSW

    August 28, 2013 at 1:31 am

    Lovely little home. San Fransisco is interesting to me. Great movies set there! I hope to see more.


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