California Academy of Sciences

29 Aug

In San Francisco we got another tourist pass.  The City Pass gained us entrance to four different attractions and also covered the price of all of our bus and cable car trips.  For seven of us it saved a lot of money.

IMG_1264 (Small)

We started our touring with California Academy of Sciences.

IMG_1261 (Small)

We spent a good chunk of a day here.  There was so much to see and do.

IMG_1428 (Small)

The building itself was even an exhibit.

The roof is a green innovation.

IMG_1339 (Small)

Yep, their roof is also their lawn.

I don’t think my hubby would go for it.  More lawn to mow.

IMG_1336 (Small)

They also have skylights to ensure their inside rainforest gets natural light.

IMG_1340 (Small)

Over the duration of the day we attended a number of different shows

– the Planetarium’s “Earthquake” show

– the Last Reef 3D show

– Speed in Space presentation

IMG_1330 (Small)

– Fin-Tastic Fish show

IMG_1319 (Small)

and the Penguin Feeding session

IMG_1289 (Small)

These little guys are African Penguins.

You don’t think of penguins living in Africa do you.  Well I don’t.

IMG_1293 (Small)
The Natural History Hall was just like I expected from US Museums.  I was not disappointed.

IMG_1306 (Small)
Everywhere you turned there were beasties

IMG_1311 (Small)

and some beasties surprised you and were alive!

(I’m glad the fellow up the tree wasn’t though!)

IMG_1422 (Small)

If you aren’t wowed enough yet, you’ll turn a corner and discover a rainforest habit growing inside of a dome.

IMG_1421 (Small)

It’s quite impressive inside

IMG_1351 (Small)

and filled with birds

IMG_1325 (Small)

and butterflies.

IMG_1381 (Small)

I loved this fluro green gecko.

I could forgive our dull grey ones for pooping down the walls if they were good looking like this fellow.

IMG_1369 (Small)

Beneath the rainforest – yes the ecosystems continue – you enter the aquarium.

IMG_1394 (Small)

The boys always enjoy touch tanks.

IMG_1400 (Small)

Me – I’m partial to the jellyfish.

They are gorgeous…in a tank.

IMG_1404 (Small)

They are just mesmerising to watch.

IMG_1408 (Small)

However, our favourite exhibit was Earthquakes’ “San Francisco Shakes”

IMG_1341 (Small)

You enter a house to experience both the 1989 earthquake and the greater 1906 shake.  Considering you only get the lateral shaking, I couldn’t even fathom what these earthquakes were really like.

IMG_1411 (Small)

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the Academy of Sciences.

San Franciscan homeshoolers are thoroughly spoiled.

IMG_1332 (Small)


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