Walking The Golden Gate Bridge

30 Aug

San Francisco’s pearl in the oyster is their Golden Gate Bridge.

IMG_1455 (Small)

Seeing it in the flesh was something special.

IMG_1461 (Small)

It’s not just a beautiful bridge,

IMG_1450 (Small)
it’s an engineering masterpiece.

IMG_1446 (Small)

One that we had to get a closer look at.

IMG_1537 (Small)

Yes, we decided the bridge had to be walked across.

IMG_1505 (Small)

In fact, over the five days we were in San Francisco, we walked over the bridge, cruised under the bridge, drove over the bridge, and walked under the bridge.  We did everything but climb the bridge…and I’m not sure you can do that.

IMG_1519 (Small)

No, we didn’t grow tired of it at all.

IMG_1520 (Small)

We had a real soft spot for this bridge.  It’s just gorgeous.

IMG_1530 (Small)

And the views from the bridge were spectacular.

IMG_1513 (Small)

That little island you can see in the distance (to the left) is Alcatraz and to the right is downtown San Fran.

IMG_1525 (Small)

Looking down you can see Fort Point…that’s where we walked under the bridge.

IMG_1512 (Small)

See what I mean by engineering marvel!

IMG_1543 (Small)

This is a cross-section of one of the bridge cables.

IMG_1541 (Small)

(Excuse my youngest’s poor photo pose.  He was enjoying his very first hot chocolate and quite enjoying it.)

IMG_1538 (Small)

These are what hold up the bridge.

IMG_1544 (Small)

Each cable is made up of 27 572 wires.

IMG_1542 (Small)

Just incredibly clever stuff.

Check out the cargo ship sailing under the bridge.  That gives you a bit of an idea of the dimensions of the bridge.

IMG_1494 (Small)

For us, the Golden Gate Bridge was quite a highlight of our stay in San Francisco,

IMG_1489 (Small)

and we were absolutely thrilled that we had some gorgeous weather to experience the bridge.  Later in our stay the weather turns decidedly foggy and even colder.  Brrrr!!!


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