Lombard Street

31 Aug

Surely everyone has heard of Lombard Street

IMG_1604 (Small)

The crookedest street in the world

IMG_1567 (Small)

Well we of course made a point of visiting.

IMG_1608 (Small)

Truth be known though, Lombard St is considered to be the second crookedest, next in line to Vermont Street, also in San Francisco.

Vermont St is steeper and has one less curve but has been measured and found to have more sinusoity…ie curvature.

IMG_1592 (Small)

But hardly anyone knows that, so let’s just pretend Lombard St is curvier.  🙂

IMG_1578 (Small)

The Lombard St we all know and love is just a small section of a much longer Lombard Street.

But we knew when we were getting closer as the gradient of the preceding section of the street dramatically increased.

You don’t get your first glimpse of the famous curves until you are going over the rise.

IMG_1568 (Small)

It’s an exciting moment.

I know.  I don’t get out enough.  🙂

IMG_1570 (Small)

Rest assured, you can’t go too fast.  It’s a very popular street.

IMG_1588 (Small)

I felt sorry for the residents living on this famous section of Lombard Street.  We saw one family wait for a space to reverse out onto the street.  Just an ordinary family seemingly off to their daughter’s dance class.  Imagine doing that every day.

IMG_1602 (Small)
Our joy ride was over much too quickly and I couldn’t talk my brother into driving down again.

Little brothers can be party poopers!

IMG_1584 (Small)

I did however talk him into walking up.

IMG_1606 (Small)

We had to park a block down from the desired section and boy was the walk up a challenge.

It was a little over one hundred metres up this hill.

But it felt like walking uphill at a 45 degree angle!

IMG_1574 (Small)

The walk up the curvy section of Lombard St was actually easier in comparison to the hike from the car.

IMG_1609 (Small)

I rested every few moments took lots of pictures all the way up…

IMG_1583 (Small)

There are stairs on either side of the famous section.

IMG_1598 (Small)

But despite the hike, it was just too impressive to miss.

IMG_1600 (Small)

Plus the views from the top were breathtaking.

IMG_1595 (Small)

I could see why the residents put up with the inconvenience of all those tourists.

IMG_1596 (Small)

Thank you Lombard residents, for allowing us to share your quirky street.

IMG_1581 (Small)

We thoroughly enjoyed it.


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One response to “Lombard Street

  1. Sheryll

    September 2, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    Testing here, too!

    I’ve been down Lombard St a few times in my life (I have relatives in San Fran so have visited many times). The views are breathtaking and the gardens lovely.


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