Aquarium of the Bay

05 Sep

Our City Passes included entry to Aquarium of the Bay, so while we were at Pier 39 we popped in to visit.

IMG_1677 (Small)

It’s not a very big attraction but it was a nice way to spend a morning.


IMG_1707 (Small)

Plus they had my favourite sea creatures – jellyfish.

So pretty

IMG_1728 (Small)

I could watch jellyfish – in tanks – for ages.

IMG_1731 (Small)

The boys enjoyed the touch tanks.  They always do.

IMG_1797 (Small)

The aquarium had a great walk through aquarium

IMG_1771 (Small)

and the expected shark swimming overhead.

IMG_1769 (Small)

The boys enjoyed getting up close and personal with the fish.

IMG_1765 (Small)

I’m not so sure the wildlife felt the same.  🙂

IMG_1708 (Small)

There were some cool hands on activities for the kids to do.  My boys enjoyed this magnascope


IMG_1799 (Small)

But the aquarium had more than just fish.

IMG_1753 (Small)

There were various reptiles and amphibians there too.

IMG_1780 (Small)

I loved this opossum.

Don’t ask me why he was in an aquarium.  Maybe they live near water or something.  I don’t know.

IMG_1790 (Small)

But isn’t he…or she…adorable.

IMG_1791 (Small)
The aquarium had a new exhibit  – the otters – that was advertised all over San Francisco.

I don’t know what was so special about it though.  Sure the otters were cute but it was just a standard exhibit, as far as I could tell.

IMG_1805 (Small)

Overall, the aquarium was okay.  We met a few new creatures we hadn’t seen before so that made our trip worthwhile.  Whether I’d return?…Hmmm…probably not.

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