Pier 39

07 Sep

Pier 39

IMG_1812 (Small)

is a shopping paradise for tourists in San Francisco.

IMG_1808 (Small)

The stores are rather quirky and perfect for finding that unique gift.

I purchased several items from the Cable Car shop,

IMG_1699 (Small)

and several more things from the “I love San Francisco” store.

IMG_1701 (Small)

I also bought some Ghirardelli chocolate from “Chocolate Heaven”, supposedly San Francisco’s best chocolate ever.  Clearly they’ve never tasted Australian chocolate though.  I gave away my second piece of Ghirardelli and that speaks volumes for a chocolate lover.  🙂

IMG_2000 (Small)

We visited the pier several times as it served as a great place to grab some food when we were peckish.

IMG_1696 (Small)

Lauren, Erin, Tara and Briana – We posted your postcards from Pier 39.  The boys spent all day looking for a mail box.  The boxes would be easier to find if they were red!

IMG_2435 (Small)

Aside from the shopping, and eating, the pier is well known for its double decker carousel.  But we didn’t ride it.

IMG_1686 (Small)

We did however check out the seal lions that also attract the tourists to Pier 39.

IMG_1690 (Small)
They lolled about sunbathing on the docks,

IMG_1992 (Small)

IMG_1995 (Small)

and enjoying the attention

IMG_1993 (Small)

Given the time I would have spent a lot more time shopping at Pier 39.  But with a ratio of 5 males to 2 females, us gals weren’t permitted much time to shop.

Advice to future Pier 39 visitors…leave the men at home on this trip.  🙂

IMG_1809 (Small)

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One response to “Pier 39

  1. Heidi Wilson

    September 8, 2013 at 10:30 am

    I really cannot believe you gave away your chocolate! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ghiradelli chocolate!!


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