Cruising Around San Francisco Bay

09 Sep

Being a city on a bay we had to cruise it of course.

And since it was part of our City Pass, there was no question about taking the opportunity.

IMG_1816 (Small)

We of course headed for the top deck.  I mean, you don’t get on a cruise and then hide away inside where you can hardly see anything.  On a boat, you simply must have the breeze blowing through your hair.

IMG_1847 (Small)

Conveniently, the boat terminal was located right next to Pier 39.

IMG_1834 (Small)

So we got to see those Pier 39 sea lions again.

IMG_1832 (Small)

The views of San Francisco were breathtaking and on such a gloriously clear day as well.  We were truly blessed with great weather.

IMG_1854 (Small)

Just check out the hilly streets in this city.

IMG_1860 (Small)

In the middle of the bay, not all that far from the city, we sailed past Alcatraz island.

IMG_1846 (Small)

Remember that decision to cruise on the upper deck.  Well that was a mistake.  The wind was whipping up the waves and we got quite the ride across the bay.  The bumpy ride would have been okay if it wasn’t for the wind trying to pick you up and throw you overboard.  You really needed both hands to maintain your balance, and using a camera in those conditions was hopeless.  So for photography sake, I came down a level and braced myself at the back of the boat, to try and get some decent photos.  The boys (big and small) of course thought the waves and wind were the best part of the ride so remained upstairs.  Grandma and Grandad had already fled inside.

IMG_1870 (Small)

Can you see the city in the distance? They have quite an impressive bay.  And what you can see here is only a small portion of it.  Check it out on a map.

IMG_1875 (Small)

The best part of the cruise was sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge on this perfect day.

IMG_1882 (Small)

Hardly a cloud in that sky!

(Mind you, the wind that was picking up, during the day, was a sign of the coming fog for the next day.)

IMG_1881 (Small)

Going under the bridge you get a real sense of just how grand the bridge is.

IMG_1885 (Small)

Once under the bridge, we turned around and went under it again, just in case you missed it.

IMG_1888 (Small)

Just look at that bridge.

IMG_1916 (Small)

The bridge was the half way mark of our trip so once under the bridge we headed back towards the city.

IMG_1905 (Small)

The city is such a pretty one.  It was by far my favourite city from the ones we visited.

IMG_1919 (Small)

On the journey back, we cruised around the back of Alcatraz Island.

IMG_1952 (Small)

Just look at the views these hardened criminals had.  Prime real estate I’d say.

IMG_1951 (Small)
Don’t worry.  This is not the last we’ll see of Alcatraz.  It was my number one place to visit in the US and was the only place I specifically asked my brother to add to the itinerary.

IMG_1940 (Small)
Well that was our cruise.  It was quite a wild ride but a great way to spend an hour.  I’d do it again in a heart beat!

IMG_1999 (Small)


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2 responses to “Cruising Around San Francisco Bay

  1. Elsa

    September 10, 2013 at 12:30 am

    Loving your trip commentary! I too love San Fran, and the day you had for this cruise did look just perfect!

  2. flpme

    September 13, 2013 at 1:32 am

    I’d love to get to San Francisco one day. You are giving me the travel bug!


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