Alamo Square’s Painted Ladies

14 Sep

Have you heard of Alamo Square?

What about the Painted Ladies?

No, they aren’t some sordid display on a street corner.  🙂

IMG_2578 (Small)

The Painted Ladies are a row of traditionally San Franciscan Victorian homes

IMG_2576 (Small)

But what makes them spectacular is their location.

Many TV programs and movies, that are set in San Francisco, have used this view.

I remember seeing it in the opening scenes of each “Full House” episode.

IMG_2573 (Small)

You’ve got to view them from the right angle though.

IMG_2581 (Small)

You have to hike up to the highest vantage point that Alamo Square offers, to get the best views.

As you can see the houses are on a typical San Franciscan incline.

IMG_2580 (Small)

 A less foggy day would probably have helped the view a little…however asthmatics, like myself, don’t want too breathtaking a view.  🙂

IMG_2545 (Small)

Each individual house was unique and oozing with character.

IMG_2582 (Small)

They’ve got tall and compact down to a fine art.

IMG_2552 (Small)

The less ‘view appreciative’ of our group – yep, the men – took off to the park after a quick squiz to see what all the fuss was about,

IMG_2555 (Small)

…while the rest of us went for a stroll around the park.

IMG_2567 (Small)

Every side of Alamo Square offers pretty views

IMG_2565 (Small)

and more cute houses.
IMG_2563 (Small)

But none matched the picturesque Painted Ladies.

IMG_2575 (Small)

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