Driving Over the Golden Gate Bridge

14 Sep

After our visit to Fort Point, we decided to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.

IMG_2601 (Small)

Did you know that the Bridge is a toll bridge?  But you only pay for one direction.

IMG_2715 (Small)

Driving over the bridge was rather exciting.

IMG_2726 (Small)

I know.  We are a strange folk who get excited about odd stuff.

IMG_2720 (Small)

But you take a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and then try and tell me you didn’t get a buzz out it.

IMG_2724 (Small)

I wondered how many of the people on the bridge with us were tourists and how many were locals.

IMG_2722 (Small)

On the other side of the bridge we headed up the mountain to check out a different view of the bridge.

IMG_2729 (Small)

Finding a place to park on the mountain was near impossible, as everyone else had the same great idea.

IMG_2730 (Small)

Of course, crossing the bridge one way, meant crossing back the other way.

IMG_2743 (Small)

To be honest, you don’t get quite the same buzz on the second trip over the bridge.

IMG_2744 (Small)

Clearly ‘buzzes’ are confined to the first trip only. 🙂

Still incredibly cool and you don’t want to miss a minute.

IMG_2746 (Small)

To finish off our Golden Gate Bridge excursion we passed through the automatic toll and paid our fare…well actually we had to do it on the internet later.

IMG_2750 (Small)

So at this point we had

walked over the bridge,

sailed under the bridge,

walked under the bridge,

and driven over the bridge.

IMG_2734 (Small)

And it was impressive regardless of the method we chose to experience it.

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