Our Drive to Las Vegas

18 Sep

San Francisco was originally our last city to visit, before we returned to Los Angeles to board our plane, but, during the trip, my Dad mentioned that he would have liked to see Las Vegas, and so my brother tweaked our schedule so we could squeeze in a quick trip to Vegas.

IMG_3235 (Small)

We left San Francisco early in the morning and drove for much of the day.

IMG_2894 (Small)

We traveled back past all those windmills

IMG_2911 (Small)

and relatively bare landscapes.

We had to drive most of the way back to L.A. before turning off

IMG_2900 (Small)

and heading out into the desert.

The first part of the desert was vegetated with these ‘Joshua Trees’.

IMG_2916 (Small)

Later it became more barren

IMG_2944 (Small)

and empty as far as the eye could see.

IMG_2921 (Small)

We drove past an aircraft graveyard

IMG_2918 (Small)

and some sort of solar power facility.

IMG_2962 (Small)

There wasn’t a lot to look at so there was a bit of napping happening in that car.

IMG_2887 (Small)

We stopped for lunch and got a taste of desert temperatures….45 degrees Celsius.  Interestingly, I didn’t find it too uncomfortable.  The dry heat seemed more bearable than our humid Queensland temperatures

IMG_2928 (Small)

The cars struggled in the heat though.  The highway, for quite a long way, steadily climbed into the mountains.  We drove past a sign suggesting that we turn off the air conditioning.  Yeah right!!

But in the end we had to.  The car’s temperature gauge began to climb, and by the number of cars broken down on the side of the highway, we had to take the warning seriously.

IMG_2951 (Small)

Eventually the road leveled out, the temperatures dropped and we started to see signs of civilisation..

IMG_2970 (Small)

Then Las Vegas rose up out of the desert.

IMG_2979 (Small)

It wasn’t as big as I imagined so we were soon driving down ‘The Strip’

IMG_2991 (Small)

locating our accommodation, at the Excalibur,

IMG_3023 (Small)

and checking into our rooms.

These were our first and only hotel rooms in the U.S.

IMG_3033 (Small)

As soon as we had our luggage stowed in our rooms, we headed downstairs, passing through the casino area

(we had no interest in throwing our money away into one of those machines),

IMG_3027 (Small)

and out onto ‘The Strip’ to see the sights.

IMG_3056 (Small)

Las Vegas here we come!!

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