Las Vegas – by Night

20 Sep

Las Vegas at night is a different entity to the daytime.

IMG_3199 (Small)

And let me say that Las Vegas by day is an eye opener.

IMG_3010 (Small)

On every street corner you were harassed by hawkers handing out cards and invitations for ALL manner of debauchery.  While we accepted none, we were assaulted by the literature tossed all over the ground.

As the sun went down, I wondered whether I really needed to see Las Vegas up close and too personal…and my feet, at that point, totally agreed with me.

So the decision was made to drive down the Strip by night, rather than walk…Thank goodness!

IMG_3198 (Small)

In the safety of our car there were still plenty of oddities to amuse us, like this fast food restaurant sign.

Doesn’t it make you want to stop for fries and a burger?  Hehehehe.

IMG_3223 (Small)

My Dad suggested we visit the Fremont Mall to see their show.

He’d seen some “making of” program about this show and was keen to check it out.

And since it meant we could drive and park, we agreed that it was a wonderful idea.

IMG_3207 (Small)

The show is a musical presentation that screens on the massive ceiling of the mall.  The atmosphere was pretty amazing, even if this style of music isn’t your thing.

Here’s a small snippet of the show:

After the show and a bit more driving up and down the Strip, the men went on their crazy roller coaster ride, before taking the children to try and catch the last fountain show…which was a long walk for nothing as they missed it.  But being out and about, at some obscene hour of the evening, was a thrill for the kids.

Me… I returned to my castle and got my beauty sleep.

IMG_3228 (Small)

This was our second last day in the U.S.

The next day we did some outlet shopping (boring…no books!), then drove back to L.A. and boarded our plane home late that night.

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