Las Vegas – In the Daytime

20 Sep

Las Vegas was a fascinating place.

Since we don’t drink or gamble it may seem like an odd place to visit, but I think Vegas is just one of those places you have to see – just once – to believe.

It’s the most out of this world place we visited.  Very surreal.

IMG_3005 (Small)

As soon as we arrived in Las Vegas we hit the street to check out the Strip’s architecture.

IMG_3151 (Small)

The place is just crazy!

Nothing is normal.

To get out of your hotel you have to take the castle bridge.  That’s just not normal.  But it’s cool.

IMG_3060 (Small)

Do you see the roller coaster track on top of the building in the distance?

Only crazy people would want to ride on it, wouldn’t you think.

Well that must be why my husband and brother decided to ride it.  I was invited along too but someone had to look after the children, of course.  🙂

Oh and they rode it at night.

IMG_3062 (Small)

Every block, your eyes were bugging out of your head.

IMG_3001 (Small)

Who needs to visit Egypt when you can just pop across to the hotel next door.

IMG_3238 (Small)

Or France, when you can check out the Vegas’ Eiffel Tower instead.

IMG_2994 (Small)

There was just so much to see

IMG_3014 (Small)

that your neck got sore from swiveling this way and that to try and take it all in.

IMG_3017 (Small)

Part the way down the Strip, Grandma, Grandad and Brayden turned back and returned to the hotel.  We’d done quite a LOT of walking and they were figuring that they had to double the distance they had already walked to get back.

In hindsight, they were very wise.

IMG_3095 (Small)

The less sensible folk in our group, ventured forth,

IMG_3093 (Small)

desperate to see more and more.

IMG_3104 (Small)

So desperate in fact that we were lured into a casino by its opulence and grandeur.

IMG_3106 (Small)

Doesn’t this place just ooze money and wealth?

IMG_3110 (Small)

I was wowed in the foyer with all of the details and and the scale of the rooms

IMG_3115 (Small)

but then we turned a corner and walked into an alternate universe.

IMG_3119 (Small)

You have to remind yourself to close your mouth while wandering the corridors.

IMG_3127 (Small)

You could so easily lose time in these places

IMG_3121 (Small)

and your life savings!

IMG_3128 (Small)

Also your sense of direction.

IMG_3130 (Small)

Walking into a casino is like being dumped inside a labyrinth.

I have a really good sense of direction, but, in the belly of this beast, three smart adults were lost and wandering around in hopes that we’d find an exit.

IMG_3136 (Small)

Hey, there was a point at which a window would have done!  But we didn’t see any of those either.

Moments before we considered dialing 911 to rescue us, we stumbled upon an exit and escaped the evil clutches of the casino.

IMG_3137 (Small)

Not far from Caesar Palace, which had held us against our will for well over an hour, I spotted the Venetian, a casino I had watched a documentary about when we were learning about Venice.

IMG_3144 (Small)

I convinced everyone that we had to see the insides of this one and perhaps if we dropped bread crumbs we’d be able to find our way safely out.

IMG_3177 (Small)

We braced ourselves for the worst and went inside.

IMG_3154 (Small)

It was equally as grand as the other casino

IMG_3155 (Small)

and easily impressed us with its decor.

IMG_3156 (Small)

The Venetian has a real carnival feel about it.

IMG_3157 (Small)

But the piece de resistance was the canal and gondolas.

Yes, inside the casino.

IMG_3161 (Small)

With a small stretch of the imagination you could believe you were really in Venice.

IMG_3163 (Small)

It was just gorgeous.  And yes the gondola men serenaded their passengers as they moved along the canal.

IMG_3167 (Small)

The ambiance inside the Venetian was too cordial

IMG_3171 (Small)

to allow you to recall that you’d once again been sucked into the labyrinth.

Eventually we saw the true sun again,

IMG_3172 (Small)

although it was quickly going down and the lights of the Strip were coming to life.

We’d walked a LONG way from our hotel and had to make our way back for our dinner plans.

IMG_3188 (Small)

After 10kms, up and down the Strip, I was so happy to see our hotel.

You see, the Strip is laid our so that at every street corner you are taken up and over the street and around the casino on the longest route possible to ensure you have every opportunity possible to enter.  This makes it much more than a 10km walk, I assure you!!

I’m not sure that what I was doing, by the end, could be called ‘walking’ – perhaps something like a bedraggled outback explorer stumbling towards her oasis.

IMG_3186 (Small)

And to think that I only had an hour before we had to hit the pavement for the evening walk of the Strip.

“You’ve got to be kidding!!!”  was what I was thinking.


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