Term Three Summary

26 Sep

This term has been an unusual one for us as we spent almost three weeks travelling in California.  Prior to the trip, we also had a very altered schedule with holiday planning and Daddy being on leave from work.  However I’m pleased with the amount of work we achieved in our mixed up term.

(This is Ethan’s summary as Brayden’s is very similiar in most areas.)


*  Finished Key to Fractions 3 and 4

Multiplied fractions

Simplifying when multiplying fractions

Identifying highest common factor


Dividing fractions

Adding and Subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators

Identify least common demoninators

Improper fractions

Mixed fractions

Adding and Subtracting with improper and mixed fractions

*  Watched weekly episodes of “Cyberchase” on ABC Education

*  Practised multiplication facts daily

*  Regularly reviewed algorithms

addition and subtraction with regrouping

multiplication algorithms with one and two digits

long and short division

*  Reviewed Fibbonaci’s numbers with a picture book called “The Rabbit Problem”

*  Learned about currency other than our own, specifically U.S, Mexican and New Zealand currency

calculated amounts in different currencies

converted currencies

followed the Australia dollar value to determine conversions

discussed tipping

observed and tried haggling in Mexico

*  Converted standard measurements to metric measurements

*  Utilised numerous maps while traveling


*  Read independently each night

*  Read allowed to his Dad each night

*  Listened to bedtime stories every night, finishing:

The Gladiators from Capua

The Colossus of Rhodes

The Fugitive from Corinth

The Sirens of Surrentum

The Charioteer of Delphi (still finishing)

*  Listened to the audio stories:

Mysterious Howling (series – “Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place”)

The Hidden Gallery (series – “Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place”)

The Unseen Guest (series – “Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place”)

Once (by Morris Gleitzman)

Then (by Morris Gleitzman)

Now (by Morris Gleitzman)

After (by Morris Gleitzman)

*  Read two different children versions of “Beowulf” (Usborne & Michael Murpurgo)

identified similes, metaphors, and alliterations in Beowulf

*  Explored proverbs and common sayings

*  Wrote reports, for his World War 1 Powerpoint project, on:

Archduke Ferdinand

Chlorine Gas


Why Men Enlisted in the War

*  Wrote postcards for every place we visited in the U.S.

*  Completed some copywork

*  Did daily spelling quizzes and weekly tests

*  Reviewed prepositions and prepositional phrases

identified these in context

*  Finished “Grammar Island”

began practise sentences (id parts of speech, parts of sentences, prepositional phrases and clauses)

*  Began “Building Language” learning about Latin stems

*  Reviewed commas in a series and used in a clause

*  Completed a story chart on “Endless Steppe”


*  Completed daily exercises from “Getting Started With Latin”


*  Attended CSIRO theatre presentations on:

Air, Atmosphere and Weather

Physics and Chemistry

*  Watched episodes of “Backward Science” each week

*  Completed the following lesson (each including hands on activities) in “Science in the Creation Week”

Waterproofing Feathers

The Basics of Flight

Takeoff and Thrust

Designed for Flight

Other Bird Design Features

Eggs & Hatching

Land Animals and People

Legs & No Legs

Land Vertebrates

More on Insulation


Depth Perception in the Sense of Sight

The Sense of Smell

The Sense of Hearing

The Sense of Balance

The Sense of Taste

The Sense of Touch

Senses Working Together

More about Sight

A Consequence of Depth Perception

*  Read “Pluto’s Secret”

*  Read “What is an Amphibian?”

*  Read “Endeavour’s Long Journey” about the Endeavour Space Shuttle after visiting it in California

*  Explored shadows, reflections, mirrors and light at the Ipswich Art Gallery’s “Light Play”

*  Visited numerous Science related venues and presentations while in the U.S.

observed animals at the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, Seaworld, Aquarium of the Bay

watched a presented at Universal Studios about how animals are trained to work in the movies

attended a presentation on penguins, space time, and several on earthquakes at the Academy of Science

experienced a rainforest environment at the Academy of Science

explored the eco features of the Academy of Science

saw wind farms and solar farms

visited the Exploratorium (San Francisco’s Science Centre)


*  Reviewed the countries of South America

*  Visited California in the United States and Tijuana in Mexico (and New Zealand technically)

learned about desert environments, poverty, different currencies, cultural norms, earthquakes, flags, US states and much more

*  Read more about the US:

The Ghost of the Golden Gate Bridge (short novel)

The Mystery at Hollywood  (short novel)

The Disneyland Quest (novel)

The Crook Who Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (short novel)

Maybelle the Cable Car (pb)

G is for Golden (pb)

Breakout Alcatraz (nf)

The Cable Car and the Dragon (pb)

If You Lived at the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake (nf)

*  Viewed numerous youtube videos about the places we were to visit in the U.S.

*  Completed the Iraq unit from “A Child’s Geography” (vol 2)

Read “The Librarian of Basra”

Read “Alia’s Mission:  Saving the Books of Iraq”

*  Viewed “The Exodus Decoded”

*  Viewed Richard Hammond’s:

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean


*  Read “Burying the Sun” about the Leningrad Siege

*  Read “The Endless Steppe” about Polish Jews transported to Siberia

*  Viewed “Paris 1911” about the Treaty of Versaille

*  Listened to Morris Gleitzman’s “Once” series about a Jewish boy in WW2

*  Viewed a documentary about Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire

*  Read “Escape from Germany”

*  Read “Twenty and Ten”

*  Read “Surviving Hitler”


*  spent the day at the hospital while his brother had another operation

*  attended a baptism

*  assisted with dog training

*  observed the development of their baby cousin (eating solids, rolling, babbling, sitting)

*  experienced varied transport (planes, ferries, trains, buses, trolley buses, cable cars, aircraft carriers, & driving on the wrong side of the road)

*  discussed the Federal Election and campaign

collected the campaign material that came in the mail

listened to snippets of the news

went to the polling booth and watched the process

watched parts of the election night broadcast

read, “Who’s Running the Country?”

read, “So You Want to be the Prime Minister”

discussed democracy, voting process, types of government, responsibilities, passing laws

read “The Composition” and discussed dictatorships; compared to democracy


*  Completed numerous Logic problems

*  Began “Fallacy Detective”


*  Utilised:




*  Enjoyed photography while in the US and uploaded his photos to a shared website

*  Purchased a Microsoft Surface

*  Watched a 3D printer in action

The Arts:

*  Attended the “Light Play” exhibition at the Ipswich Art Gallery

*  Added designs to a ceramic money box

*  Attended “Possum Magic”, a theatre performance


*  Attended weekly private swimming lessons

*  Went on family bike rides and walks

*  Played in the park and yard


*  Two CSIRO theatre presentations

*  Ipswich Art Gallery exhibition “Light Play”

*  “Possum Magic” theatre performance

*  Experienced international travel to California and Nevada in the US, Tijuana in Mexico (and the NZ airport…surely that counts!)

Filled in their own airport paperwork and created signatures

Talked to immigration about Australia

San Diego:

San Diego Zoo

Big cats, primates, flamingo & baby, Skywalk, tour bus

Air & Space Museum

Apollo lunar module, moon rock, chimp capsule, WW1 items, planes

USS Midway Aircraft Carrier

Audio tour

Tour of the Bay

Various transport (army helicopters, aircraft carriers, submarines, jets, sailing boats, commercial planes, rafts etc), ship being demagnetised


Lego miniatures of Las Vegas, Hollywood, San Fransisco, world landmarks, Star Wars scenes, drove vehicle on right side

Safari Park

Elephant talks, walked with lemurs, two bird shows (one on how they train the birds), and a tram ride around the safari area

Sea World

Shamu the killer whales, Shamu rocks show, Sea Lion show, patted dolphins


Crossed the border, used different currency, haggled with the store owners, rode a shuttle bus back to the border

Los Angeles:

Universal Studios

Studio tour of movie sets, special effects shows, animal training show, various rides


Used maps, drove cars, rode the train, had many rides, saw many characters, saw the castle and fireworks,

Venice Beach

Breakfast, saw the homeless sleeping on the beachfront, walked to Santa Monica Pier and back

Los Angeles Science Centre

Endeavour space shuttle, talked to a volunteer, explored the shuttle exhibits, watched the movie, explored other space exhibits

Saw the Hollywood sign

Walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Visited the Chinese Theatre and saw the hand and foot prints

Drove down Rodeo Drive and through Beverley Hills

San Fransisco:

Drove up through the interior of California to San Fran and saw the farmland

Saw many wind farms

Academy of Science

Penguin show, penguin chick, 3D reef show, space speed show, earthquake show in the planetarium, shake house and earthquake exhibit, rainforest experience, walk through aquarium, greenscape roof

Golden Gate Bridge

Walked over it, walked under it, drove over and back and took a boat under it

Lombard Street

Drove down it, walked up and down it

Travelled on city buses, and trolleys

Pier 39 for shopping

San Fransisco Bay Cruise

Under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz Island

Aquarium of the Bay

Watched a 3D movie, touched animals in the touch tanks, saw various types of jellyfish, walked through a shark tunnel, saw otters

Alcatraz Island

Watched videos about the island, tour with a military re-enactor, historic exhibits about the prison, audio tour of the prison

Cable Car on the Powells Hyde Line

Saw the cable cars turned on the turntable many times, rode the cable car

Visited Alamo Square and the ‘Painted Ladies’ (houses)

Fort Point

Took a guided tour

Drove up Telegraph Hill and saw the view


Spent the afternoon exploring

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Drove to the next state, crossed a state border

Saw the oil pumps at Bakersfield

Saw Joshua Trees and the start of Death Valley

Experienced 45 degree heat in the desert

Stayed at Excalibur casino and hotel

Walked up and down “The Strip” in the day and again at night

Saw a show on the ceiling of a shopping mall



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3 responses to “Term Three Summary

  1. ellejay72

    October 19, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Thanks, Tracey. How, physically ie. when and where…, did you keep notes on learning while you were away?

  2. Tracey

    October 19, 2013 at 10:54 am

    I didn’t keep notes while we were away as we didn’t do anything schooly other than visit lots of great places. All I did for our holiday time was list the places we visited and what we did, on a little notebook, so I wouldn’t forget. The rest of the stuff in the summary was done before or after our holiday. I also worked the boys through the June/July school holidays as I knew we’d have a very disrupted term. As well as the holiday, we had my husband home on leave for 5 weeks before we left, plus we had stacks of errands to get us ready to leave. Then when we came home the boys were sick the first week so school was light then too. Realising the limited time we had in Term 3, we just made sure that, when we could, we did something worthwhile, even if it meant doing it in the evening or on the weekend.

    • ellejay72

      October 21, 2013 at 10:21 am

      I shouldn’t write questions after 9pm 🙂 In the morning I realised that your photos and blog posts were a great record too.


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