Shaun Tan Exhibition

11 Oct

Before the school holidays we visited the Shaun Tan exhibition currently at Ipswich Art Gallery.

IMG_3741 (Small)

It was based on the author’s book, “The Lost Thing”, which is a great discussion book if you haven’t already read it.

IMG_3676 (Small)

To be honest, we’ve loved most of the children’s exhibitions at the Ipswich Art Gallery, and we love their children’s space.

IMG_3678 (Small)

We started our visit by watching the animation of the book.

IMG_3661 (Small)

Then we explored the exhibits.  You have to take the time to read the plaques as they are always very well thought out.  Here Ethan was locating the painted textures that were used in the image to the right.

IMG_3668 (Small)

There were copies of the book available so we were able to flick through the pages to find where the images and textures were located throughout the book.

IMG_3664 (Small)

The boys also had the opportunity to identify the differences and similarities between a book scene and a scene from the animation.

IMG_3653 (Small)

We really liked looking at the original drawings from the book and particularly the drawings that didn’t quite make it to the book.  Seeing the book process from the beginning was great.

IMG_3671 (Small)

But what I loved the most about the exhibit was discussing what the message of the story was.

For us, this bottle cap collection summed it up nicely.

IMG_3672 (Small)

These touch art screens are always very popular with one of my boys.  Guess which?!

IMG_3680 (Small)

And the construction and design centre drew my other little man like a magnet.

IMG_3696 (Small)

Eventually everyone gravitated to the construction centre.

IMG_3695 (Small)

The gallery is such that you feel very comfortable just sitting around creating for ages.

IMG_3735 (Small)

If you desire, you can leave your creations behind on the gallery’s display.  We never do.  The boys like to keep what they create so I always make sure to bring a bag to take our goodies home in.

IMG_3681 (Small)

Did you notice the ‘Latin’ motto on the emblem?

Yes, you often find many lost things under there…or, as in my case, just dirt.

IMG_3705 (Small)

So if you’re keen for a nice outing, I highly recommend the Shaun Tan exhibition.  You only have a little over a week left though as the exhibition closes on the 21st October.  But that’s still plenty of time to squeeze in a visit.

Make sure to read the book first, either at home before your outing or together at the exhibition.  The book and it’s message is central to a meaningful outing.

IMG_3677 (Small)

Check out some of his other books too.  We read “The Rabbits” today and had a great discussion.



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3 responses to “Shaun Tan Exhibition

  1. Elsa

    October 11, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    Looks like a another great exhibit. We just read the book and watched the film. Saw it was free down at Federation Square in Melbourne, and thought hey that looks interesting. Went on-line to borrow the book and saw the library had the dvd also. Got both from there and saved us an all day trip to the ‘big city’. Don’t think there was a corresponding exhibit though. Haven’t read any of his others yet, thanks for the tip.

  2. Ilovechocolate

    October 12, 2013 at 2:08 am

    Great minds think alike again, LOL: check out my latest blog post Tracey, about Shaun Tan 🙂 Sarah

  3. Tracey

    October 12, 2013 at 6:32 am

    We are so in sync Sarah. 🙂

    Woah, your Shaun Tan experience looks very cool. I hope they tour that production! It looks excellent.


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