“Palazzo Inverso”

02 Nov

Last week we read a fascinating book.

The book was called “Palazzo Inverso” and was inspired by the art of M.C. Escher.

IMG_3825 (Small)

We were learning about tessellations and Escher so I was delighted to find this treasure.

IMG_3834 (Small)

But it’s not the storyline that stands out in this book.  In fact the story is rather bland and you would never buy it for the story alone.

It is the illustrations and the format of the book that make this book special.

Have you noticed that there is text on the top and bottom of this page spread?

IMG_3826 (Small)

You see, when you come to the end of the book, it’s not actually the end.

IMG_3827 (Small)

A quick twist of the book and…

IMG_3828 (Small)

you are no longer at the end, you are at the start again, which is actually the middle.

IMG_3829 (Small)

How Escher-like!

And you can learn more about M.C. Escher at the end of the book.

IMG_3833 (Small)

My boys loved this unique book.

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