Ta-Da! We Survived Week 1

31 Jan

We made it.

Week 1 is now behind us.

Week 2 is still on the horizon filled with optimism and possibilities.

Tonight I’ll type up my journal about our week, noting what we accomplished, what worked well, what did not and insights into the boys learning.

Over the weekend I’ll make plans for next week and jot them in my planner.

And so the weekly homeschooling pattern continues.

What did we accomplish on the last day of the week?

Well it was only a half day as we had guests in the afternoon.  (That’s socialisation ticked off for the week.)

Our morning, once again, started with listening to the Bible and following along in our own books.  Asking those all important questions to keep their brains active and engaged.

IMG_5544 (Small)

We read and discussed another poem.  This time it was “How McDougal Topped the Score”.  We loved the poem.  It you are a cricket fan, I recommend you look this one up.

I love the language and expressions in these poems.  We had some great discussions.

IMG_5546 (Small)

We completed our third Science lesson for the week.  This one was about how Music involves Math.  Math and Science being virtually one and the same in the ancient world.

The investigation was quick and easy.  I love this about Dr Wile’s hands on tasks.

IMG_5543 (Small)

The boys whipped up their notebook page while I ran the vacuum around the house.

They also jumped onto their Geography quiz webpage and reviewed South and Central America, while I ran the mop around the house.

IMG_5545 (Small)

Then, mopped into a corner, we had no option but to sit and read.  Not that we needed any excuses.

First we read the chapter about Pythagoras in “Mathematicians are People, Too”.  That was really interesting.

IMG_5550 (Small)

Then we read one of the books that arrived yesterday – “My Uncle’s Dunkirk”.  It was a great little book and I’m glad I took the chance on it.  And to think I never learned anything about Dunkirk when I was at school.

IMG_5549 (Small)

That’s all we accomplished today, schoolwork-wise, although there’s a couple of things we’ll do tonight, but that’s okay.  We’re all tired after our first week of getting back into a work routine and you have to be a bit flexible sometimes.

This afternoon, the boys had a lovely time playing with their friend and I had a lovely time chatting with my friend.  Mummy’s socialisation is just as important, don’t forget that.

Currently I have a little man running around my house looking for work with pay.  He keeps finding things that need doing (there’s plenty) and running back with his quote.  I think someone has plans to purchase Lego in the near as possible future.

IMG_5548 (Small)

But I’m not complaining.  The more work he does, the less I’ll have to do on the weekend.

Kicking back and getting into weekend mode….

Not even thinking about Week 2 yet.


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One response to “Ta-Da! We Survived Week 1

  1. Jen C

    February 1, 2014 at 10:44 am

    I have loved following you guys this week!


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