Jumping into a Growing Load

03 Feb

This week we are stepping up the schoolwork to a fuller load so you’ll notice a lot more pen to paper action happening this week.

Oh the boys were so excited….yeah right!  🙂

Brayden started his day checking his apple seed plants.  Yes we actually got a granny smith apple seed to germinate!  Hey, I was surprised too.  Quite possibly it’s because I have nothing at all to do with this activity.  My mere presence around plants is like poison.

IMG_5552 (Small)

While my men pottered sleepy-eye around the kitchen getting their breakfast, they listened to Francois Couperin’s Chaconne in G Minor.  We also talked about the mood set by major and minor keys.  I must say this piece of music reminds me of Dracula.  Not very uplifting at all.

IMG_5554 (Small)

As they ate (I got up earlier than they), I read ballads from a library book.

IMG_5557 (Small)

We reread “The Man From Ironbark” and acquainted ourselves with “A Bush Christening”.

IMG_5556 (Small)

Once the plates were in the hot soapy water in the sink, we sat and listened to Chapter 6 and 7 of Matthew in the Bible.  We also paused and discussed each section.  I must say I’m not using the questions much from “Balancing the Sword”.  It seems that I have plenty of my own questions to ask.  We’ll see how long the book lasts on the curriculum list.

IMG_5544 (Small)

A full load of Math was scheduled for today.  They started with half a page of operations.  I like them to do these regularly to keep their brain cogs greased and rolling.  I’ve decided that half a page is much faster and more likely to be completed, and yet still fulfilling its purpose.  At least that’s what I’m thinking this week.

IMG_5564 (Small)

Then they launched into three exercises of Singapore Math.  That’s seven full pages.  Oh yes, it very nearly killed them.  But it was good for them, even if it took half the morning to complete.

IMG_5566 (Small)

It was full of nasties like

24 000 divided by 8

Estimate the value of 25 468 + 6925

805 x 3000

And a pile of word problems, just for good measure.

IMG_5567 (Small)

But hard work is good for them.

Especially this kind of mental arithmetic.

Plus what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger.

IMG_5560 (Small)

Once Math was wrapped up, each boy drifted to the computer to review the countries of Asia.

IMG_5573 (Small)

Before Iunch, we completed our Science lesson.  We investigated sound waves with a little activity that involved singing high and low notes into the bottom of a can topped with plastic and pepper.  We completed a notebooking page to go with it of course.

IMG_5568 (Small)

Over lunch they watched a Bill Nye episode on Sound.

IMG_5570 (Small)

After a nice long lunch break, we launched into some Language activities.  Together we reviewed how to create a keyword outline for IEW.  Then we read a paragraph about the blackouts during the blitz in Britain and created a keyword outline together.  Each boy then had to copy the outline ready for use tomorrow.  (We were going to write the paragraph today but we were pretty worn out after our morning of Math and still getting into the swing of things.)

IMG_5572 (Small)

While Brayden worked with me on some Language activities and reading aloud, Ethan went off by himself and completed two lessons of Getting Started with Latin.  Once he was complete, I joined him and tested my own Latin knowledge by reading my translations aloud to him and comparing them to the answers he recorded.  If we disagreed we check the answers in the book.  I looooove Latin.

IMG_5530 (Small)

Finally, we sat down on the couch, exhausted, and did a little bit of reading.

IMG_5562 (Small)

These books went perfectly with the war movie we watched together last night – “Carrie’s War”.

IMG_5561 (Small)

In a little while, we’re off for an afternoon walk.  We’ve loaded our ipods with a new audio story (one we’ll save for when we go walking) called “Time Train to the Blitz”.  Then we’ll official be finished for the day.

And so ends Day 1 of Week 2.

And yes we are tired…very tired.  But that’s normal in the first couple of weeks.

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