A Bit of Excitement

14 Feb

Yesterday I was at my mum and dad’s babysitting little Aria.

In the afternoon the power went off and it was so hot inside that I got Aria into some shoes and we were heading out to the shady part of the yard to hunt for a breeze.

As we rounded the corner we were confronted by a blanket of thick smoke.

IMG_5954 (Small)

When you’re on a babysitting job, fire is really the last thing you need to see.

Thankfully my Dad was working from home and we could delegate this undesirable obstacle to him.

My boys went dashing off with Grandad, you know boys and adventure, and I took the baby in out of the smoke.

At first we thought the neighbouring house was on fire but it turned out to be a grass fire that was raging in their front and side yard.

IMG_5952 (Small)

Before we made it to the phones the fire brigade was already on the scene, which was a lucky thing as it wouldn’t have taken long for that fire to reach our property.

And the smoke was thick.  These photos were taken after the main threat had passed.  I would have dearly loved some flame shots, you know what bloggers are like about great photos, but the responsible babysitter in me had to remain indoors ready to flee if necessary.

IMG_5959 (Small)

So that was our excitement yesterday…fires and fireman and we suspect the power outage was related to the fire as well.

IMG_5958 (Small)

Not long after, Aria’s mother came to collect her.  Aria picked up her lunch bag, toddled to the front door, and waved to everyone.  She knows how this arrangement works, even at 11 months.

IMG_5967 (Small)

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Posted by on February 14, 2014 in Family Life


One response to “A Bit of Excitement

  1. Petra

    February 14, 2014 at 11:37 am

    That IS exciting – luckily it was in the next door neighbour’s yard (not lucky for them tho’) and not your parent’s. Too close for comfort on a hot day 😦


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