Making a Mess to Clean

23 Feb

I’ve been working hard this weekend.

Remember my new bookcase?

IMG_5968 (Small)

Well I had do some decluttering and moving of furniture.

It was an epic task.

First I had to clear a path to the filing cabinet, which had to move out to the garage.

 It’s full of old teaching resources that I certainly don’t use but hubby feels that he might, maybe, someday use in a pink fit.  So they must be kept.

IMG_6017 (Small)

However, to move that filing cabinet I had to completely unload it to make it manageable

IMG_6018 (Small)

And then reload it once we had it settled into its new home.

At that point I was only half way through my self-made mess.

IMG_6019 (Small)

Next up, I had to properly clear out the space where the bookcase would sit.

This corner of the study has become a real ‘catch all’ for stuff that spills out of the cupboard and doesn’t have a home anywhere else.

IMG_6020 (Small)

But finally, once the floor and wall was vacuumed, we were able to move the bookcase into its new home.

Isn’t it beautiful?l

Such potential.

IMG_6023 (Small)

But I was not finished yet.

Scattered around the room, and in the adjoining room, was the amazing amount of stuff that came out of that corner and cupboard.

IMG_6021 (Small)

Decluttering and organising this stuff took me a good chunk of the day.  I had boxes of the boys’ old school papers that had to be dramatically pared down.

A lot of stuff was thrown out.  This was a good thing.  A necessary thing.

IMG_6024 (Small)

After many hours of work, the corner was complete.

It makes the room seem so much bigger.  We love it.

The shelf is looking a little naked but time will take care of that.

For the moment I’ve stored my sewing machines on the bottom shelf, some memorabilia from our US trip on the next shelf up (they are waiting to find themselves in a scrapbook) and our printer paper and library items on the other shelf.

IMG_6025 (Small)

One day it’ll be filled with books – lots of lovely books.



Posted by on February 23, 2014 in My Library


2 responses to “Making a Mess to Clean

  1. Petra

    February 23, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    Looks great although I am somewhat surprised it isn’t full of books 😉

    • Tracey

      February 23, 2014 at 11:04 pm

      Soon. 🙂


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