Fire Safety Presentation

25 Feb

Today the boys attended a fire safety presentation.

It was brilliant and the boys talked about it all afternoon.

First up, the officers talked to the children about dialing 000, the dangers of fire and how to stay safe.

IMG_6051 (Small)

Then Blazer, the fire safety koala, came out to meet the children.

IMG_6042 (Small)

At this point in the presentation the officers talked to the children about the safety phrase, “Get down low and go, go, go” as the children prepared to enter the smoke house.

IMG_6049 (Small)

The smoke house is a caravan set up with a kitchen that demonstrates unsafe practices. 

Finally the children moved through to the upstairs room,

IMG_6054 (Small)

just as a smoke alarm sounded and non-toxic smoke filled the room. 

The children of course had to get down low and go, go, go

IMG_6055 (Small)

to the nearest exit, which in this case was the back patio, where they were helped out of the “burning house” by a friendly fireman. 

IMG_6056 (Small)

Once all of the children had had a turn we watched a kitchen fire demonstration.

The parents were instructed how to safely put out an oil fire in the kitchen.

IMG_6074 (Small)

A fire blanket was used to smother the fire.

IMG_6075 (Small)

We also learned that you must not remove the fire blanket from the fire or it will just reignite.

IMG_6076 (Small)

Then the officers demonstrated what happens when people try to extinguish oil fires with water. 

I think the children, and parents, were suitably impressed with this demonstration.

IMG_6078 (Small)

After thanking the fire service for their time and presentation, the children were led over to a table to put together a bag of goodies to take home.  The kids were thrilled and many headed straight to the park to try out their new fire safety Frisbees. 

IMG_6036 (Small)

My boys had a great time and on returning home Brayden faithfully drew up the family’s escape plan. 

Taking his responsibility very seriously, we also had to get down on our knees, with our eyes closed (because you can’t see your hand in front of your face, he told us), and practise finding our escape paths.  That included me.  (If we are going to be practising these drills regularly, then I think we need to lay more carpet!)

IMG_6048 (Small)

After our morning with the fire service, we spent our afternoon playing with new and old friends in the park. 

It was a good day and I know the experience was a good refresher for the boys. 


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