Working Hard

10 Mar

No, we haven’t disappeared.  We are just working hard.

To prove it to you, here is Brayden’s latest piece of writing.

He had to rewrite the story of the ants and the grasshopper.


The Grasshoppers Who Played

By Brayden

 Once there were some ants and grasshoppers that lived in a large field where food was easy to come by.    The ants did hard labour all summer to get ample stocks of food for the winter.    But the grasshoppers only had fun playing, instead of preparing for winter.    During summer, the food was plentiful, however it was important to store some for winter when there would be nothing to eat.  So the ants diligently stored food for winter in their nests, while the grasshoppers fooled around, doing nothing useful. 

In the winter, a grasshopper started to get a little bit peckish, so he went to the ants to ask them for enough food to last him until the end of winter.    The ants replied, “You had plenty of opportunity to get your own food while it was summer, why didn’t you store any food?”  The grasshopper replied, “Well we were singing and playing and hoping that you would lend us some if we needed it.”

The ants thought that he needed to be taught a lesson so they refused his request.   The ants, who were feeling extremely annoyed, told him, “You should have stored enough food for the winter, instead of playing.”  So the grasshopper slumped away feeling sad and sorry for himself and later he tragically perished.  Hopefully all of the other grasshoppers learned the lesson that you must always work before playing. 


And with that thought in mind, I best get back to work.  There will soon be Math and Latin to correct and I do not wish to perish.


P.S.  Have I mentioned recently how much I love IEW?

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Posted by on March 10, 2014 in Language


One response to “Working Hard

  1. Elsa

    March 12, 2014 at 2:49 am

    Great piece of literature! Well done. Wishing we started with IEW long ago. Maybe ds6 can be my test case. 😉


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