Holidays Mean….

17 Apr

 Holidays mean…

Catching up on housework.

IMG_6406 (Small)

Ironing.  Urghh.

As you can tell, I’d put it off for some time.

IMG_6408 (Small)

But I put a good dent in that pile and by the end of the holidays it will have disappeared.

IMG_6409 (Small)

For my efforts I was paid $2, which was discovered in Hubby’s pockets as I ironed over the top of it.

Finders keepers!

IMG_6410 (Small)

Holidays mean….

Time for teacher refreshment and inservice.

While I cleaned, I listened to lots of audios, some more than once.  I particularly enjoyed Cindy Rollin’s “The Long Haul” and Linda Dey’s “Eustace had Read None of the Right Books:  CS Lewis on Reading”

I’ve also ponder our future grammar plans and spent ages looking at Michael Clay Thompson’s Grammar resources.  We’ve learned a stack from these books and plan to continue.

IMG_6411 (Small)

Holidays mean…

Lots of reading.

I’ve been re-reading the Divergent series.

This is my favourite genre.


Holidays mean….

Going to the movies.

Our movie theatre has really cheap prices over the holidays so we’ve seen several different things.  I’ll admit that we got a bit ‘movie crazy’ these holidays.

We’ve seen “Divergent”.

The book was better by far but I enjoyed the movie anyway.


Since Brayden had been counting down the days until the Lego Movie arrived, we saw that too.

It was tolerable.

Brayden rated it infinity +++…out of ten.


Mr Peabody and Sherman was good, however I doubt school kids understood many of the historical references, which is probably good as Bill Clinton consoles Sherman by telling him, “I’ve done worse”.  =:()


We also saw “Noah”.  Shock horror.

It’s not as terrible as the zealots reckon.

It isn’t the literal account of Noah.  It’s a Hollywood take-off.

I was actually surprised with how much of the original story they kept, although, yes, they did deviate and innovate quite a lot.

Their message, whether they intended it or not, is still mercy, man’s fallibility and need for God.

The movie was okay, but not great as movies go.


Holidays mean…

Visiting and visitors.

Last week we visited with some of our favourite people and this week we had some of our other favourite people visit us.

Yes, my niece, Little Miss Pink was among them.

Hasn’t she grown?!

IMG_6450 (Small)

She is ALL girl.

Anything with a handle is a makeshift handbag.  This particular day she was improvising with her nappy change mat.

Very rarely is she seen without her ‘bag’  hanging from her arm.

IMG_6435 (Small)

Holidays still mean….


After we listened to “Bomb” I mentioned to the boys that nuclear weapons had also been tested in Australia.  Their jaws dropped.  So, over the holidays, we borrowed some resources about Maralinga, where the bombs were tested.

I thought the book was poorly written

IMG_6403 (Small)

but the dvd was fascinating and horrifying.  All Australians should watch this dvd.  Scary stuff.

IMG_6402 (Small)

We also watched a two part documentary on the Kokoda Track.  In all my years of schooling I’d learned nothing about Kokoda.  Not one thing.


We also watched more about Ancient Rome.

I’m starting to get excited about our European trip as it gets closer and closer.


And of course….

Holidays still mean….

Books arriving in the post!

Over the Christmas holidays I won a voucher from IEW as part of their 12 Days of Christmas promotion, so last week I sat down, drooled and then ordered.  The parcel arrived less than two weeks later.  I was impressed.

IMG_6413 (Small)

The kids weren’t as thrilled with the parcel as I was,

IMG_6414 (Small)

which is hard to understand as it contained all my favourite things – literature, grammar and writing tools.

What more could a person ask for….other than chocolate of course.

IMG_6416 (Small)

And since it’s the Easter Holidays we got that much needed chocolate as well.

Actually Easter doesn’t fall until the last weekend of our holidays (this coming weekend), but we give our chocolate early so it’s not the focus of Resurrection Sunday.

So that chocolatey goodness has been flowing freely here for two whole weeks.

How else would we have achieved so much.

Happy Easter!





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2 responses to “Holidays Mean….

  1. Petra

    April 17, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    Now, was the audio “The Long Haul” about your ironing? – LOL. Yeah, not sure about Noah, will wait ’til it comes out on video methinks! Apart from that, your reading list impresses me – as does chocolate! Have a happy, blessed Easter 🙂

    • Tracey

      April 18, 2014 at 1:22 am

      Close. It was about homeschooling. 🙂


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