And The New Term Begins

22 Apr

The first day back after a holiday can be tough.

Knowing our bodies were still in holiday mode, and that we had an odd week ahead – a public holiday at the beginning of the week and one at the end – today, I decided to slowly ease us back into our school routine.

As the children claim to be deathly allergic to pens, we kept pen usage to a minimum on our first day, and, instead, dove headfirst into our favourite things – BOOKS.  What a lovely start to any term…or day or hour or everything in fact!

First we read a picture book about Hannibal and his elephants.  This raised a lot of questions about how sanitized the story became for its juvenile audience.  It was still a sweet book.

IMG_6483 (Small)

Next, we read another book about Florence Nightingale.

Demi’s books are just too gorgeous to pass up, so, when I saw this book, although we’d already satisfied our interest in Florence, I had to purchase it.  A little review never hurt anyone and the boys didn’t mind reading more about her.

IMG_6482 (Small)

King Midas and the Golden Touch was chosen next to read.  I’d bought the book earlier in the year based on a recommendation.  I saw it mentioned and knew my boys hadn’t heard the story and needed to.  They lent in so close to the book as I read that they were almost on my lap. It was also a gorgeous book – beautiful illustrations and rich language.

IMG_6481 (Small)

Last night we finished watching a documentary about nuclear weapons.  It was fascinating but horrifying.

IMG_6485 (Small)

So today we read “The Story of the Atomic Bomb”.  It was a great addition to the audio book we just finished listening to – “Bomb:  The Race to Build and Steal the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon”.  The boys enjoyed seeing pictures to go with what they had already heard.

IMG_6480 (Small)

We also read bits and pieces of another book to help fill in some gaps.  This book had great diagrams that shows the difference between fission and fusion.

We also discussed whether the atom bomb should have been dropped at the end of the war.  Brayden’s answer was:

“They shouldn’t have been dropped as there were other options for ending the war that wouldn’t cost as many lives.”

IMG_6479 (Small)

Although my voice was fading (it always suffers on the first day back), we read all of “What Was Pearl Harbor?”  I only intended reading a few chapters but the kids were so interested that they asked to hear the rest.  You can always tell when the kids are keen, they start to ask a lot more questions.  So we took note of the questions and spent some time googling them after we finished the story.

IMG_6478 (Small)

By this point I just couldn’t read another thing without a break so I put a sentence on the whiteboard from Michael Clay Thompson’s “Practise Island” and had the boys analyse the four levels of grammar.  The boys analyse a sentence everyday so this is pretty routine for them.

IMG_6484 (Small)

After this we took a break and had lunch.

The boys decided to watch an episode or two of “Kid Detectives” while I struggled with a printer drama.  Red ink really shouldn’t come out brown, should it.  😦

IMG_6497 (Small)

In the afternoon we did the smallest smidge of work just to make sure they hadn’t misplaced their brains over the holidays.  Rest assured, there still seems to be a some living cells in there.

IMG_6487 (Small)

Finally, we opted to do some more reading from a novel called “I Marched With Hannibal”.  It captured us immediately so we settled in for an afternoon of reading and read until hubby came home.

IMG_6486 (Small)


In the evening we sat as a family and watched the movie, “Pearl Harbor” (appropriately censored).  This was a great review of the information book we read earlier today.  I kept pausing and asking the boys to explain to Daddy what was happening – yes, a bit of narrating on the sly.  🙂

So that was our first day back.  Yeah, it was a slow, gentle day but boy was it a nice way to start a term, even the boys agreed.

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One response to “And The New Term Begins

  1. Jen in NSW

    April 22, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    Hannibal was awesome. I will have to see if my library has those books on him. I get all excited
    drawing his battle plans out, especially Lake Trasimene. Awesome stuff!

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW


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