First Day Back Excursion

14 Jul

Today we visited Beenleigh Historical Village with a group of homeschoolers.

What better way to start a new term than with an excursion.

But you just can’t get away from school.

The teacher at the schoolhouse rang her bell and ushered our children into her classroom.

IMG_7373 (Small)

Once seated in our forms, we learned all about school in the past.

IMG_7394 (Small)

Little Freddy was late though, so the teacher demonstrated how the cane was used.  Luckily, little Freddy thought to pad his bottom with some books first.  He must be an experienced latecomer!

IMG_7391 (Small)

The parents were particularly fascinated by the reading instruction that was used in the past.  Many of us are trying to replicate the past in our homeschools.

IMG_7386 (Small)

Check out where the slates are stored.

Slotted into the desks.  How cool!

We had ancient desks like these in my highschool and I always wondered about that hole.

IMG_7402 (Small)

All the children had their own slate and slate pencil and tried writing on them.

IMG_7401 (Small)

We also examined nibbed pens and ink wells.  We even learned about boys dipping girls’ plaits into their ink wells.

IMG_7406 (Small)

Once school was out, we headed over to the cottages to do some washing.

Monday is always washday.

IMG_7420 (Small)

As opposed to Tuesday which was always ironing day.

IMG_7427 (Small)

The children were shown how the clothing was washed.

IMG_7418 (Small)

Then every child got to wash and wring their own washing.

IMG_7430 (Small)

I wonder if the kids would see through my ploy if I took them into my laundry tomorrow for my own demonstration.

IMG_7435 (Small)

Our next stop was the blacksmith’s shop.

IMG_7440 (Small)

Here we learned about all the different things that would have been made there.

IMG_7458 (Small)

Each child also got to help shape the hot, malleable metal into a pointed end.

IMG_7462 (Small)

Then we headed into the shed to learn about the life and hardships of the men who logged trees for a living.

IMG_7477 (Small)

Finally we took turns sawing a log with a two man saw.  This was quite a highlight for my boys.

IMG_7488 (Small)

After the demonstrations, we enjoyed a well earned lunch with old friends and new friends and then explored the rest of the village at our own leisurely paces.

It was a lovely day and definitely our preferred way to spend the first day of term.

Tomorrow we hit the books… after my laundry demonstration.



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2 responses to “First Day Back Excursion

  1. Petra

    July 14, 2014 at 10:34 am

    That looked like fun – wish we had been there too 😦

  2. Shelley

    July 15, 2014 at 12:57 am

    It was a great day & lovely to catch up 🙂


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