Sand in Motion

21 Jul

This month Brayden got a box of “Sand in Motion” for his birthday. This stuff is amazing!  First let me start by telling you that I hate sand.  I hate the feel of it on my skin and most of all I hate it on my floors.  Sand (and glitter) are banned substances in my house.  But “Sand in Motion”, I would allow by the tubs full!

IMG_7612 (Small)

I’ll admit that I was very dubious at first.  I’d seen videos about the stuff and knew that my texture-loving Brayden would love the stuff.  I’d bookmarked a link to buy it online and then deleted it, more than once.  Then we saw it at the Australian Geographic store.  My mum wanted to buy it for Brayden’s birthday but I was incredibly hesitant….until the store attendant led us over to a demonstration tub of “Sand in Motion”.  With only one touch (but it was hard to drag ourselves away) we were hooked on the stuff.  So much so that we bought two boxes!!  They should fill sandpits with this stuff!!  Hmmm…I wonder how much we’d need for our beaches???

IMG_7605 (Small)

“Sand in Motion” looks like sand, in fact it is sand (well 98% sand), and you can use it just like sand.  It both runs through your fingers (not as finely as real sand, but close enough), and molds into sculptures just like wet sand (only it’s not wet or sticky).

IMG_7626 (Small)

The texture reminds me of cookie dough, only it’s not oily or sticky.  When you remove your hands from the sand, there is absolutely no residual feeling on your hands at all!  I love that!

IMG_7568 (Small)

Each time the boys asks to use it, a little voice says, “Sand!  Absolutely not!” but then I have to remind myself that “Sand in Motion” isn’t the nightmare that real sand is.  In fact, it’s better than all the molding substances I can think of!

IMG_7623 (Small)

“Sand in Motion” kind of sticks to itself so it doesn’t tend to fly around the table or floor as much as playdough.  And if pieces do go astray, you can easily pinch them in your fingers to pick them up or use a wad of compressed sand to capture them.

IMG_7613 (Small)

When you purchase “Sand in Motion” you get enough sand for one child to comfortably play with.  You can see below how much sand came from one box.  On the packet it says – one kilogram.  So I’d suggest purchasing one box per child of use.

IMG_7573 (Small)

Since it doesn’t dry out (ever, apparently), we’ve been leaving our sand on its tray so the boys can come and use the sand whenever they feel like it.  Mostly, they enjoy playing with it while I read aloud.  To be honest, everyone has a play who walks past it.  It’s the kind of texture that you just can’t stop touching.

IMG_7617 (Small)

We’re completely in love with our “Sand in Motion”.  My boys are playing with it right now!

IMG_7565 (Small)

And no, no one asked me for this review.  We just love the product and wanted to share it. 



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3 responses to “Sand in Motion

  1. Petra

    July 21, 2014 at 8:12 am

    Oh, I’m going to check this out!

  2. Jen C

    July 21, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    I absolutely hate sand too! I love to look at the beach but walking on it, not so much. I think a pebble beach sounds great! 😀 That sand in motion sounds like a good idea. I will have to invest in a couple of kilos and stop the baby from feeding it to the dog 😀

  3. Aussie Kidlets

    September 16, 2014 at 4:40 am

    This stuff is amazing. When I first touched it I was surprised at how it felt. It reminded me of Blu Tac after you have stretched it 100 times (procrastinating).


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