A Busy Week

09 Aug

We had a very full week this past week.  We spent as many days out as we spent in.  But every-so-often life is like that.

Each day we listened to a chapter of the Gospel of John from our new Bible audio version, “The Word of Promise”.  This is a dramatised version of the New King James Bible, but accurately keeps to the text, aside from the ‘he said’, ‘she said’ kind of text, which is unnecessary as there are multiple voices in the audio.

IMG_7709 (Small)

We also enjoyed chapters from “A Hive of Busy Bees”.  We read this book when the boys were small but decided to revisit it as it makes a great discussion starter.

IMG_7717 (Small)

Throughout the week we listened to chapters from “In the Reign of Terror”.  This is a dramatic story about the French Revolution by G. A. Henty, that kept us on the edge of our chairs from the beginning to the end.  I have heard people complain about Henty’s books, but we loved his story and look forward to reading more.

IMG_2041 (Small)

Continuing on our French Revolution theme, we read “Avoid Being an Aristocrat in the French Revolution”.  My boys love this fun series.

IMG_7718 (Small)

We read about Marie Antoinette from the Usborne Young Reading series (another favourite).  We watched several dvds about her last week so this was a good wrap up text.

IMG_7716 (Small)

And we read “The King’s Day” about Louis XIV to learn about the exorbitant and luxurious lives of the French aristocracy.  We also looked through two photographic books about the Palace of Versailles.  I hope we get to visit Versailles when we visit France.

IMG_7723 (Small)

A discussion about slavery also cropped up so we read “The Village That Vanished”

IMG_7722 (Small)

We’re all into Hercules at present so we read another book about him too.

IMG_7721 (Small)

For Science we’re currently reading about bees and colony collapse disorder.  We’re finding it fascinating.

IMG_7720 (Small)

In the evenings we’re watching documentaries about the bees and their plight.

IMG_7714 (Small)

We never before thought bees were all that interesting or especially important, but we were wrong.

IMG_7724 (Small)

During the week the boys worked on a paper about the structure of a beehive.  We’ll continue to work on this next week.

IMG_2046 (Small)

Of course our school day isn’t all reading, as much as we’d enjoy that!

The boys also reviewed their multiplication facts.  I just give them a quick column of facts to blitz through every day.  We love that it only takes a minute to do.

IMG_2047 (Small)

We also worked through a review unit on perimeter and area.

IMG_2049 (Small)

For Latin, we worked on chapter two in Lingua Latina.  I love the approach in this book.


Everything in the book is in Latin…and I mean everything!

We feel such a sense of accomplishment once we’ve read the chapter and worked through the exercises.  I’m working through the book as well.


The boys also worked on their reading and spelling.

They also reviewed the countries in Africa.

IMG_7715 (Small)

One afternoon we also did a bit of google research on Australian citizenship and what it involves.  We discovered that there is a test to become an Australian citizen.  So of course we wanted to know what kinds of questions the test asked, which led us to watch Australian Citizenship – Our Common Bond, and answer the practise test questions.  Interesting stuff!

Of course, Hubby continued to read aloud to the boys each night as well.

IMG_2042 (Small)

We only had two proper school days this week so our reading and bookwork was crammed into those two days.

On Wednesday we attended a performance of “Wombat Stew” at the Arts Centre.  We love that homeschooling allows us the time to attend plenty of performances.  We just wish that more of them were more affordable.

wombat stew

Then on Thursday and Friday we were on babysitting duty with my 18 month old niece.

On these days I wonder at how mothers of tiny ones homeschool!  You are wonder women!

Admittedly, it’s harder for us as our borrowed little one isn’t trained into our routine day after day and has certain expectations when we come to visit.

IMG_7734 (Small)

But we always attempt a little bit of school anyway.  We completed one piece of bookwork each day while I occupied little Missy with her own schoolwork – stickers and drawing.

IMG_7735 (Small)

After our school task, we went outside to blow bubbles for little Missy (BUB-boos as she calls them).  It was lovely to warm up in the sun and walk around Grandma and Grandad’s property.

IMG_7742 (Small)

A flock of peacocks call their property home, so we always love checking on their progress.  We’ve watched this flock grow since they were little chicks and we’re thrilled that there are a few males in this batch.  The females aren’t as colourful.

IMG_7766 (Small)

After outside time, we tried a bit of reading aloud.  It wasn’t all that successful.  Little Missy is quite the chatter box and spent her time trying to draw us into her play.  Listening to a story was near impossible.  So we wrapped up our first attempt (with determination to keep try again next time) and played with little Missy.


Instead of our standard curriculum, we switched to Fatherhood training.  The boys were taught to get down to Aria’s level to talk and play with her.  They spent ages interacting with her in her play area.  They are fascinated by her increasing development and always keen to discover the new things she has learned.

IMG_7778 (Small)

I just love watching my little men interact with their little cousin.  Interaction with babies is such an important experience for growing men, particularly since they don’t have younger siblings of their own.

IMG_7796 (Small)

And little Missy isn’t backwards in coming forwards with her demands.  She just backs herself onto the boys’ laps with the books she wants to have read to her.

IMG_7834 (Small)

So while we didn’t get to our normal lessons, the boys learned how to read to a little one.  It just melted my heart listening to them ask her questions and point things out to her.  These days were quite possibly the most important ones all week!

IMG_7857 (Small)

Yes, it was an interrupted week where we didn’t achieve all of our planned activities, but there is goodness to be found in interruptions.

The boys still learned many things, from things you can learn in a book to things that you can not.

I couldn’t have planned it any better.

IMG_7932 (Small)

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  1. Sarah

    August 9, 2014 at 1:15 pm

    Wow, I feel exhausted just reading it! 🙂 Bees? What a wonderful topic. I will most likely be stealing yet another idea from you 🙂


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