Fun at the Ekka

15 Aug

Last week, we went to the Ekka with our whole family.  We were all thrilled to shared in Little Missy’s first Ekka experience.

Going in such a large group is fairly normal for our family.  Where there’s one of us, there’ll soon be all of us.  It’s the way we do things.  🙂

IMG_8082 (Small)

Wearing her uncle’s hat

But still we managed to make sure everyone’s desires were met.

In the morning we worked together to locate all of the exhibitors on the Ekka Adventure Trail.  At each location we were given goodies to add to our bags.

IMG_7984 (Small)

Posing with a Transformer

Then the men drew straws to see who would have to ride the bumper cars with Brayden.  Everyone’s ridden with him before and understand the threat to their welfare by hopping into a vehicle with him. 🙂

Poor Scott drew the short straw again this year.  🙂

IMG_7988 (Small)

Would you drive with him?

The bumper cars are the boys’ favourite ride.  They rode several times during the day.

IMG_7996 (Small)

Little Missy rode on the carousel and wasn’t all that keen

…until her cousins started running around the carousel waving to her.

I suggested that her parents save their money and just get my boys to run around and around her.

IMG_8023 (Small)

Our compromise was to put my boys on the rides with her.  And it worked too!

Little Missy loved the tea cups…and my boys didn’t care that they were riding on the baby rides.  They were too focused on their cousin to care what others thought.

IMG_8028 (Small)

We spent ages feeding the animals in the nursery.  This is popular with my boys every year.

IMG_8041 (Small)

Little Missy wasn’t so sure about the big scary animals that were nearly as tall as she was.

IMG_8063 (Small)

Then those who were brave enough, went on some big people rides.

IMG_8087 (Small)

And then later, the biggest people went on some even bigger rides.

No, not me.  I want to live long enough to read all the books on my wishlist!  Plus, someone has to mind the children.

IMG_8101 (Small)

To wrap up our time in sideshow alley, the whole family filled several cages on the ferris wheel.

IMG_8144 (Small)

In the evening, we scrambled to find seats for the whole family in the arena for the night time shows.

My favourite parts of the Ekka are the V8 cars and monster trucks.  Oh, the noise just purrs right through you.  I love that sensation.  Yes, I recognise that this is a little odd.  My family just shakes their head at me and try to pretend they don’t know me.  Hehehe.

Little Missy thought the noisy cars were awful!  She enjoyed the singers though and was doing a little jig and clapping her hands, much to the amusement of the people around her.

IMG_8187 (Small)

The evening ended – yes we were there from 9am to almost 9pm – with a fireworks and light display.

IMG_8212 (Small)

It was a massive day for us all (and our hip pocket), but we all loved it, as always.

IMG_8000 (Small)

We particularly loved sharing it with the newest member of our extended family – Little Missy.

IMG_8080 (Small)

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One response to “Fun at the Ekka

  1. Petra

    August 16, 2014 at 1:04 am

    You’re braver than me – all those crowds 😦 Little Missy is very cute tho’ 🙂


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