What is a Boogie Board?

18 Aug

For Ethan’s 13th birthday (yes, 13!) we bought him a Boogie Board.

IMG_8377 (Small)

To Aussies, a boogie board is a board that you take into the surf with you at the beach.

But not this Boogie Board.

IMG_8362 (Small)

This Boogie Board is an LCD writing tablet.

IMG_8363 (Small)

It’s like a high tech version of the old Fisher Price “Magnadoodles”, which my children loved as kids.

Do they still make those?  They should!  They’re great.

IMG_8364 (Small)

But for 13 year olds

(and 40 year olds…just saying Hubby dearest),

a Boogie Board is like the grown up version of a Magnadoodle

….only cooler.

After you’ve written your little message, or doodled your doodled,

IMG_8365 (Small)

you just press the erase button


IMG_8372 (Small)


You are ready to write again!

IMG_8366 (Small)

Scared of the “Poof It’s Gone” element?

Then just switch the erase button to lock, so no one can erase your masterpiece.

IMG_8370 (Small)

Scared of loosing the stylus (fancy word for a pen that is based on pressure and not ink)?

No need to worry about that either!

With the latest version of the Boogie Board, they have added a holder to store your stylus.

(The early versions didn’t have a holder.)

IMG_8371 (Small)

This version ALSO has replaceable batteries!

The older version had a lifespan of 50 000 erases and then you had to throw it out and buy a new one,

which is the number one reason I paid the little extra for this newer version.

Now we can doodle away for a lifetime.

IMG_8375 (Small)

And no, this version doesn’t upload your drawings to the computer or bring you your drinks on a silver platter.  It is exactly what it says it is, a writing tablet, and we love that.

We don’t need yet another device to lure us back to the computer and apps and all that.

IMG_8367 (Small)

We just want to draw and write silly messages to each other.

We might even use it to write school checklists, or words the kids want to spell, or working out for Math.

Who knows.

The options are vast and many.

IMG_8369 (Small)

And Hubby dearest,

the options would be even vaster if Wifey dearest had one too.

Just saying.


(Nope, this Boogie Board wasn’t sent to me to review.  We just bought one and had to share.)

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