Term 3 Summary 2014

20 Sep

Another school term is over.  I can’t believe how quickly the terms are rolling by.  Only one term to go!  How can this be so?!  Well I’m off to start pondering Term Four and next year.  Typing up these summaries always help me get into the mood for considering possible plans.



– This term we finished listening to the Gospel of Luke, listened to the Gospel of John and began Acts.

– We read through all of “A Hive of Busy Bees”.  We read this before but it’s good to recap at a different stage in life.

–  We also read “The Prince’s Poison Cup” by R C Sproul.


– We reviewed multiplications facts, practised our algorithm skills and worked on problem solving.

– In Singapore Math we completed units on algebra, speed, volume, perimeter & area (complex shapes, triangles), volume, and completed several reviews.


–  We parsed and diagrammed sentences on a near daily basis and read more of “Grammar Town”

–  The boys completed the “Premier Reading Challenge”.

–  Hubby read aloud the fifth Harry Potter book to the boys and began the sixth book.  The boys also relistened to previously read Harry Potter books on audio.

–  In the car, we listened to, “Hercules”, “In the Reign of Terror”, “Les Miserables”, “The Giver”, “Maze Runner”

–  The boys wrote a recount about their visit to the Beenleigh Historical Village; several letters to friends; a report about roles in a beehive; a report about Colony Collapse Disorder; a photo book about flower parts and pollination

– We read several books about the legend of Hercules.

–  We focused on plural possessive apostrophes for a time.

–  We finished reading Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” (the original), read a children’s version of the same play from “Tales From Shakespeare” and attended a performance of “The Tempest”.

– We read a children’s version of Shakespeare’s “Richard III” and read the modern version of the same play from the No Fear series of books.  We also watched the play on dvd, in preparation to see the play performed live over the holidays.

–  We read various picture books and discussed their structure, and elements.  The books included, “Miss Dorothy and the Bookmobile”, “Seven Loaves of Bread”, “Mysterious Traveler”, and “Cloud Tea Monkey”.  We also added to our literary elements powerpoint, using the beautiful language from these picture books to collect examples of similes and metaphors.

–  We began reading the Grimm Brother fairytales and also read the book, “Tales from Russia”.

–  We watched a dvd of Les Miserables (not the newest versions with lots of singing).

–  We read about Shakespeare’s life in “Bard of Avon”, “William Shakespeare and the Globe”, and Usborne’s “William Shakespeare”.  We also watched appropriate snippets of “Shakespeare in Love” and research information about the new Globe in London to find out whether we can visit it.


– We rewatched some episodes of Visual Latin and completed the first three chapters of Lingua Latina.


– We completed notebooking entries on glaciers, the poles and their explorers.

–  We read further about polar explorers.  We read, “Black Whiteness” about Admiral Byrd’s year alone in Antarctica. We read “Henson and Peary” about the first men to the north pole, “I, Matthew Henson” about the African American who was one of the first men to the pole (probably THE first, sparking a discussion about racism), and listened to the audio story, “Artic Hero”, a story about Matthew Henson’s exploration to the North Pole. We also read, “The Great Polar Adventure” about Roald Amundsen and his obsession with the poles, and finished reading “The Pole Seekers”.

–  We researched the curious hollow earth theory.

–  We read, “Glaciers: Nature’s Icy Caps” and watched youtube videos about glaciers.

–  We drilled the countries of Africa all term and reviewed the countries on other continents.

–  We investigated the Nile River and which countries it runs through.

–  We read “Mystery at the Roman Colosseum”.

–  We watched a documentary about the Eiffel Tower, which included a lot of history.

–  We watched a documentary on Somali and the discussed poverty and starvation.

–  We watched a movie about the Rwandan Genocide and researched further information about the event.

–  We watched “102 Minutes that Changed America” on September 11th and discussed the events of that day.


– We watched episodes from the dvd “Rome: Power and Glory”.

– We read numerous book about Ancient Rome.  We read about a Roman girl and her brave deed in “Brave Cloelia”.  We read David McAuley’s book “City” and watched the accompanying video. We read two books about Julius Caesar (both by that title).

–  We read two books about Cleopatra (both by that title) and we also read a chapter from “The Library of Alexandria” to remind us about how Julius Caesar caused the burning of the library of Alexandria. We also read a children’s version of Shakespeare’s play, “Antony and Cleopatra” and watched the movie, “Cleopatra” which was four hours long.

– On Bastille Day, we watched a dvd called “The French Revolution” as an overview of the period.  We also watched a documentary about “Marie Antoinette”and a documentary titled “Empires: Napoleon”.

– We read the G A Henty novel, “In the Reign of Terror” (and also listened to the audio) and “In Search of Honor”.  We read a book about Marie Antoinette (title was the same), a book called “The King’s Day” about Louis XIV and looked through two photographic books on the palace of Versailles. We also read “Avoid Being an Aristocrat in the French Revolution”, “The French Revolution”, two books titles “Napoleon”

– We also looked up the words of the French National Anthem and the meaning of the colours on the French flag. We also investigated whether Louis XIV was the last king…he wasn’t, which led to further investigation.

– On a bit of a tangent, we read, “The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone” and “Seeker of Knowledge”, as it was Napoleon’s soldiers who found the stone.

– We listened to the radio drama, “Les Miserables” and researched the exact period the books was set in.

– We read Demi’s book, “Joan of Arc” and also Diane Stanley’s book by the same name. We also read “Avoid Being Joan of Arc”.

– We read the picture book “A Village That Vanished” about African’s being stolen as slaves and discussed slavery.

– We watched the dvd “Beowulf and Grendal” (appropriately censored).

– We read, “You Wouldn’t Want to Sail in the Spanish Armada” after hearing about the Spanish Armada on a Shakespeare dvd we watched.

– We watched “Monument Men” and then researched information about the validity of the story.

Citizenship (SOSE):

– We researched what is involved in becoming an Australia citizen and what the ceremony is like.  We watched the video “Our Common Good” and took the tests new Australian citizens take.

– We listened to all of the verses of our national anthem and discussed the meaning of the phrases.


– We reading “A World Without Bees”, which was about colony collapse disorder, the history of bees and the world of bees. We also read “Flight of the Honey Bee”, and “The Hive Detective”.

– We  watched the documentaries, “Honeybee blues”, “More than Honey”, “Vanishing of the Bees” and “Queen of the Sun”.

– We wrote reports about the roles in a beehive, colony collapse disorder, and flower parts and pollination.

– We collected and observed 4 eggs found on a leaf in the garden.  Four bugs hatched which we believe were bee assassin bugs.

–  We dissected a flower to locate and identify the parts of a flower.  We observed pollen under a magnifying glass, artificially pollinated a flower and dissected a flower bud to compare.. We watched a Bill Nye show on flowers and a more indepth youtube video on flowers.  We also drew the flower parts and labelled them.

– We read a picture book called “Tuart Dwellers”.  After the story we found out more about the Mad Hatterpillar (a real animal) and tuart trees (a type of eucalyptus). We also read through the back of the book about the animals that interested us.

– We read a picture book called “A Seed is Sleepy” and discussed what we knew about plants and seeds.

– We read about genes. We read a picture book called “Gregor Mendell: The Friar Who Grew Peas” which linked perfectly to our flower dissection, pollinators and genes.  We read “Genetics”, “Gene Machine”, “What makes You You”, “The Role of Genes” and “Amazing Schemes Within Your Genes”.  We also listened to an audio segment about Gregor Mendel from the cd “Great Scientists and their Discoveries”.  We also began building our DNA kit.  So far we’ve built the basic double helix.

– We watched youtube vidoes about genetic engineering (glofish, mices that grow human ears, glowing sheep, etc) and an animation that showed DNA and how proteins are made.

– We explored the theory of evolution this week when we read Joanna Cole’s book, “Evolution” and a book about Charles Darwin called, “One Beetle Too Many”.

– We researched the toxicity of paraffin candles and the lead wicks in candles.

– We researched solar storms and their effect on Earth.  We also read a Brisbane newspaper article from 1859 when a large solar storm caused an aurora visible in Brisbane for three days.

– We visited the exhibition, “Deep Ocean” at the Museum and the Science Centre’s exhibition, “Top Secret: Licence to spy”.  After returning home, we googled videos about hagfish and its slime, James Cameron’s recent trip to the bottom of the Mariana trench, and the arms and tentacles of a giant squid.

Technology and Design:

– Ethan spent a lot of his free time programming in Java

– Brayden spent most of his free time building and designing with Lego.

– The boys enjoyed making swords, bows, arrows, and armour out of paper and tape.

– Both boys enjoyed an hour or two of Minecraft a week.  Ethan also spent time reading about Minecraft programming.

–  We made hand rolled beeswax candles and showed a friend how to make them.

– The boys spent time Skyping friends.

– The boys used iMotion (a stop animation app) and iMovie to create a short Lego movie.  With a friend, they also made a video of an amusing news report about sinkholes.

The Arts:

– We attended a performance of “Wombat Stew” at the Arts Centre, a performance of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and “Richard III”.

–  We finished reading the book, “Looking at Pictures”

– We read 3 books title “Michelangelo”.  One by Mike Venezia, another by Diane Stanley, and one by Tim McNeese.

– We watched a documentary called “The Michelangelo Code” which was about the Sistine Chapel.

– We read a picture book about Michelangelo’s “David”, called “Stone Giant”.

– We hand rolled beeswax candles.


– With a homeschool group, we toured the Beenleigh Histocial Village.

– We went to the Science Centre with friend to enjoy the permanent displays.  We also visited to participate in “Top Secret: Licence to spy”.

– We visited the Museum’s “Deep Ocean” exhibition.

– We attended three different theatre performances – “Wombat Stew”, “The Tempest” and “Richard III”.





















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3 responses to “Term 3 Summary 2014

  1. Sarah

    September 20, 2014 at 3:14 am

    Awesome: a couple of questions: Was Henty’s novel, “In the Reign of Terror” gory? I’ve read aloud 2 of Henty’s books and the first one on Vikings was very gory, but the 2nd one on the Crusdes had no gore at all.
    Also, what sort of review would you give ‘102 Minutes That Changed America’?
    thanks, Sarah

    • Tracey

      September 20, 2014 at 3:44 am

      I wouldn’t say “In the Reign of Terror” was ‘gory’ but there was plenty of death. I think because the main character is the chaperone of several young ladies, that you are spared a lot of gore, as the story is about their protection.

      I appreciated the 9/11 documentary as it gave you a sense of what it was like for the people on the streets around the towers, without too much narration. You heard the kinds of things people were saying without interruption and interpretation. You got a sense of how stunned they were and unsure of what to do. They were just standing there watching it unfold, while our hindsight was screaming, “Run”. I thought it was a very well done presentation. One that led to lots of questions for my boys as the documentary wasn’t really focused on all of the details which we’ve heard over and over. It was a documentary that helped put us in the shoes of the people watching the towers from the outside, as we could never imagine what it was like for the people in the towers or on those planes.

  2. Sarah

    September 20, 2014 at 4:49 am

    Great: I just found a Jim Weiss version of The Reign of Terror: that will have to do or we’ll never get through next year’s workload.


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