Sprucing Up The Timeline

27 Sep

It’s been a long while since you’ve seen our timeline and it’s been even longer since we cleaned it.

So we pulled everything down, washed the walls and wires,
IMG_8601 (Small)

and wash and dried each card.

You can’t imagine how dusty these things were.

We live facing the base of an inclined street and I swear everyone’s dust and dirt blows in my front door and down through my hallway!

IMG_8604 (Small)

After everything was spruced up, the boys and I worked together to create new timeline cards.  We make these ourselves.  The boys enjoy selecting the images we use and I get the dull job of cutting out all of the cards…twice!

IMG_8603 (Small)

Yes, it’s a proper timeline – one that starts at creation. 🙂

Sometimes, it can be tricky to merge secular dates with our timeline, but we do our best and use those inconsistencies as lessons in themselves.

IMG_8612 (Small)

I’ve got a bit of a colour theme happening in our timeline – here you can see light green for Aussie events, pale blue for polar events, pale red for scientists, cream for literature, and textured red for Russian events.

IMG_8610 (Small)

When we were pegging our cards back on the wire, we ran out of my preferred pegs, so currently we have sliding metal pegs and wooden pegs.  I like the look of the metal pegs but they slide too freely along the wire leaving all of the cards clumped up at the end of the wire. So I need to buy more mini wooden pegs.

IMG_8611 (Small)

And this is our finished timeline…well finished until we add more to it and we already have a new list developing.

IMG_8606 (Small)


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