Term 4 Summary 2014

12 Dec

I almost forgot about my term summary.  This term has been a slacker than usual term, although term four always seems to be less than stellar in comparison to other terms.  We seem to run out of oomph as the temperatures rise.  We also had a lot of social engagements this term and they just eat huge chunks of time away from our weeks.  Not to mention all of the time stolen from my term by boring stuff like appointments, and household and car repairs.  Everything seemed to happen at the end of this term so we stopped school earlier than normal, considering it pointless to continue any further.  So this term is as it is.  🙂


*Finished reading the book of Acts

*Worked on memorising “The Lord is My Shepherd”

*Read from “The Gospel Story Bible”

*Read “When Dragon’s Hearts Were Good”

*Watched “Dragons or Dinosaurs”.


*Completed one or two word problem each and every day

*Completed the final books in the Singapore Math primary series; both boys will start on a high school Singapore series next year


*Finished listening to the sixth and seven books in the Harry Potter series

*Listened to the following audio books:

– “The Maze Runner”, “The Scorch Trials” & “The Death Curse” (Maze Runner series)

– “Gathering Blue”, “Messenger” and “Son” (The Giver series)

*Read Jules Vernes, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.

*Parsed and diagrammed a sentence each day

*Completed copywork each day

*Completed level 1 of the vocabulary program “Word Up”

*Weekly analysed literature using techniques learned from “Teaching the Classics” (we select one in-depth picture book a week to discuss)

*Wrote weekly reports about topics we were studying e.g. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Genes, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Jesus etc



*Daily reviewed our memorisation of the countries of Africa

*Read a children’s version of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and watched the old black and white movie version

* Watched a dvd called, “Paris – A Tourist Guide”

*Watched a dvd called, “London – A Tourist Guide”

*Watched the documentary, “Slumming It” about a slum in India


*Watched a Joan of Arc dvd by the same name

*Watched a documentary about Mother Teresa

*Read Demi’s book “Mother Teresa”.

*Read “The Usborne History of Britain”

*Read “Britannia – 100 Great Stories”

*Watched the documentary “Tales from the Tower”

*Read the books “The Tower of London” and “Tower Power”

*Read a book about Guy Fawkes

*Read a book about London with the same title

*Read “Queen Elizabeth II” and watched the dvd “The Queen’s Palaces”

*Read “The Great Fire” about London’s great fire

*Watched a documentary called, “Queen and Country”

*Read books about the plague, “The Bubonic Plague” and “Plague Unclassified”.

*Watched a movie called “Gandhi” and a documentary about Gandhi.

*Read the novel, “Master Cornhill”, about life in London for one orphaned boy from the great plague to the great fire

*Watched a documentary about the Rosetta Stone called, “Ancient Egypt: The Rosetta Stone”

*Watched the movie “Wadja” which was about a Muslim girl living in Saudi Arabia

*Watched “Cinderella Children” which was about the missionary, Irene Gleeson, and her work in Africa

*Wrote weekly reports about topics of study


*Played and programmed in Minecraft

*Skyped friends

*Read programming books in spare time (Ethan)

*Built with Legos and used Lego Digital Designer (Brayden)


*Read “Who was Charles Darwin”

*Read a book about Gregor Mendel by the same title

*Finished our Knex DNA kit

*Read “My name is Gene”

*Read “Into the Deep”, a book about William Beebe

*Read a book about dinosaurs called “Amazing Dinosaurs”

*Watched the dvd “Darwin: The Voyage That Shook the World”.

*Read “The Adventure of Life” and Paul Fleisher’s “Evolution” and discussed how it compared to Creationism

*Read “How Did We Find Out About Genes?” and “Usborne Introduction to Genes and DNA”.

*Completed a concept map showing what each had learned about genes and DNA

*Wrote a report about genes

*Loved reading and listening to the animal cards from Woolworths


*Watched a documentary called “The Divine Michelangelo”

*Read “Antonio’s Apprenticeship” and “The Neptune Fountain”

*Read “Who Stole Mona Lisa” and “The Stolen Smile”

*Read “The Second Mrs Giocondo” about Leonardo

*Watched the dvd “Da Vinci”

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One response to “Term 4 Summary 2014

  1. Sarah

    December 12, 2014 at 5:34 am

    Thanks for posting this! I love hearing how you are doing homeschool 🙂


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