What’s on the Desk?

14 Dec

Pretty Much Everything!!

You can’t even see the desk under all of this accumulated stuff.

Plus everyone else in the house has decided that it’s a communal dumping ground.

Can’t blame them really.

As soon as one item, no matter how small, hits a flat surface it acts as a super magnet and before too long…

Well you get the picture.

So it’s time to clear the desk and put away the clutter.

IMG_0156 (Small)

First, there’s Hubby’s new Hawaiian shirt.  Yes, he truly plans to wear this thing.  Tragic, I know.

IMG_0159 (Small)

Pegs!  I can explain.

It’s storming and raining here in “sunny” Queensland virtually every day so I’ve been hanging the washing inside.  Currently it’s hanging behind my desk, just out of photo range.

IMG_0160 (Small)

Then there’s my new camera gear.  I haven’t worked out a safe place for it to live yet.

Nope, haven’t had time to learn how to use it yet either.  I’m still in point and spoil shot mode.

IMG_0163 (Small)

Ah, a library book.  My desk is a dangerous place to store library books.  They may never be found again in the desk’s current state.  We haven’t read this one either.  It looks sweet and I think it’ll be a good discussion starter.

I know it’s a picture book and my boys are pre-teens but age never stopped us reading good books, even if they are books with pictures and very few words.

IMG_0164 (Small)

I told you people were using my desk as a dumping ground.  These belong to the children.  Woolies is cluttering up my house with these card collections.  At least this is a good collection.  You slide the card through the little machine and listen to the noise each animal makes.  Very cool.  But they need to leave my desk. They can clutter up their own desks, which we definitely won’t photograph any time soon!

IMG_0165 (Small)

Ah that’s where that got to.  I bought this ebook ages ago and only just printed and bound it recently.  It’s from IEW, my favourite curriculum supplier.    The book lists great book suggestions for different historical periods.

IMG_0168 (Small)

These are our Knex Education Kits that were waiting patiently to be packed up and returned to the cupboard.  The boys aren’t ready to dismantle their DNA but I stowed the boxes back in the cupboard anyway.

IMG_0169 (Small)

Here’s a few dvds we watched recently.  I always photograph our dvds so I can remember what we watched when as part of our school records.  “Cinderella Children” is about the amazing work of Irene Gleeson in Africa.  The other dvd is a documentary about the Rosetta Stone.

IMG_0170 (Small)

And while we are talking about great dvds, we watched one just last night.  It was called “Life of a King”. It’s about a ex-criminal who turns his life around and starts a chess club to help the kids in his community.  It’s based on a true story.  Very inspiring.

IMG_0171 (Small)

These are our new magnifiers.  I had a drama ordering these things.

IMG_0172 (Small)

A few stray items – the last pair of scissors in the house, a working USB (my computer has killed a few recently), and my ‘must buy at the back-to-school sales’ list.

I need scissors (lots – they seem to grow legs and walk off), better quality compasses (for Geometry), some comb binders, the plastic and card for binding, and some more cardboard.

IMG_0173 (Small)

Yet another example of children leaving stuff on my desk – this is one of Ethan’s computer programming books.  He’s obviously been working at my computer.

IMG_0174 (Small)

Almost time to stow away the planner for the year.  At the end of each year, once reporting time is over, I gather up all of the boys’ used texts and work samples and store them in a box with the year marked on it.  I don’t try and cull anything at this point.  We’re too attached to work that has just been done.  Instead I pull out the oldest unculled box and start tossing stuff until we have a small pile of ‘best’s and ‘much loved’s.

IMG_0175 (Small)

Ah, look! You can see a little bit of the desk now.  But not enough.  Back to work.

IMG_0177 (Small)

Here’s a few books I bought about India recently.  We’re in a bit of an Indian mood at present.  Yes, we know it’s holidays.  We don’t care.

IMG_0178 (Small)

Uh-oh!  Word and Koorong catalogues.  I better toss them out before I ‘need’ to buy something.

IMG_0179 (Small)

Too late!  I’ve already been out shopping.  This is what I bought.

IMG_0180 (Small)

This book arrived in the final weeks of school and we haven’t had time to read it but we will before I store it away in the shelves.  It’s another about the Holocaust.

IMG_0181 (Small)

Yep, Ethan’s been here.  This is some of his technology.

IMG_0183 (Small)

This is a pile of Chemistry books that have been arriving in time for next year.

IMG_0184 (Small)

And this is a pile of books we read about Genes, DNA and evolution.  Well it’s only some of the books we read.  We read a stack!

IMG_0187 (Small)

Oh some more Chemistry items have been unearthed from the piles on the desk.

IMG_0188 (Small)

Oh yes, we were in a bit of a dinosaur/dragon mood a little while back and read through these.  Truth be told we haven’t finished “Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons”.  I hope to pick that one back up next year.

IMG_0189 (Small)

These are some art books that arrived for next year.

IMG_0190 (Small)

And some more art books.

IMG_0191 (Small)

These are some Geography books I want to read next year.  I want to slowly accumulate all of the Citizen Kid range of books.  They are wonderful discussion starters.

IMG_0192 (Small)

This is one we have read and one we haven’t.  “Avoid Being a Worker on the Taj Mahal” is the one we haven’t read (my boys still love this series) so it’s going into the basket.  “Into the Deep” is the one we have read.  We purchased it after seeing a replica of the bathysphere at the “Deep Oceans” exhibition at the museum.

IMG_0193 (Small)

Yes, we love our picture books.  Childhood isn’t long enough to read them all though.  So we are still reading them into our teens and 40s…under the guise of literature analysis.

IMG_0194 (Small)

Ah I love a good pile of books.  Such potential.  These are all about Britain, except that lone Leonardo Da Vinci title.

IMG_0197 (Small)

This pile is a hodge podge.  We read “Master Cornhill” on the top there and “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”.  Oh yes, we also read “Who Was Charles Darwin?”.  The other titles are waiting to be read.  We hope to read “Homeless Bird” and “Boys Without Names” over the holidays.  Ethan’s planning to read the Nerds books.

IMG_0198 (Small)

These study guides are for a friend and I.  We are reading “Classic Christianity” together and loving it.  When I saw that there were study guides, I had to get them for us. (Hurry home Lisa.)

IMG_0199 (Small)

I spotted this book in a secondhand store and snagged it.  It looks like an interesting read.

IMG_0200 (Small)

Ah bliss.  My new favourite homeschooling book – “Consider This”.  I’d already read the ebook twice before the printed book arrived.  It’s still in pristine condition.  I dare not crease it or write in it.  Besides, first I’ll write out the notes I took on the ebook.

IMG_0201 (Small)

Here’s a book I snagged on the discount table of a bookstore.  It always pays to check.

IMG_0202 (Small)

This book came highly recommended by a homeschooling friend.  It’s delightful.

IMG_0203 (Small)

Here’s are some ebooks I printed from the DeMille’s, at the TJED website, and intended to read.  The book was one they recommended.  Looks like I’ve got some reading to catch up on.

IMG_0204 (Small)

Lots of reading to catch up on!  These are more books that were living on my desk because I wanted to read them soon.  Thank goodness it’s holidays!

IMG_0205 (Small)

These are technically for next year but I’ll probably watch the dvd before then.  It’s supposed to be brilliant.  The bits I’ve read of the book are great.

IMG_0206 (Small)

This is the current book I’m taking notes from.  I’m so far behind in my reading and notetaking.  This is a brilliant book by the way.  I highly recommend it.  And below the books is a beautiful bookmark a dear friend gave to me.  I should take it out of the box but I haven’t decided which book is good enough for it.  Do you have that problem with nice bookmarks?

IMG_0207 (Small)

This book arrived last week.  I’ve been fascinated by this book.  It’s title and subtitle caught my attention so when Amazon had a “30% off one book” sale I jumped.  I’m going to need more hours in my day for all of this reading.

IMG_0208 (Small)

These are copies of a great article about the merits of old fashioned teaching strategies.  I printed them to hand to teaching family and friends.  Oh and that’s a box of debating topics.  They look like fun don’t they.  I’m thinking we can use them for school.

IMG_0209 (Small)

And finally, (yes we’re nearly done), here’s a pile of printed pages I wanted to read.  It’s ten sample chapters of a new finance book for children.  I’ll put this one at the top of my reading pile because I want to read something good about finance with the boys next year.

IMG_0210 (Small)

This is all that is left on my desk.  Much nicer.  The front piles are the piles of books I want to read and Ethan’s reporting paperwork I’ve got to finish one of these days.  The baskets still need work.  But in putting away all of these books I’ve realised that my bookshelves need reworking.  I’m running out of space…again!  I need to reshuffle stuff around.  Topics like Science, History and Art are overflowing into other subject shelves and soon I won’t be able to find anything.

IMG_0212 (Small)

But for now I’m going to appreciate my nice clean desk.

Just don’t open those drawers.

You didn’t see much paper in my photos did you.

That’s because I stuffed it all into those three little drawers

…for another day.

Let’s just appreciate the surface before we worry about drawers.

IMG_0211 (Small)



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7 responses to “What’s on the Desk?

  1. Sarah

    December 15, 2014 at 4:39 am

    Where the photo of you? Please upload! 🙂

  2. melonvine

    December 15, 2014 at 4:47 am

    ‘How to be your own selfish pig’ is on our list too. My DD13 will be reading it next year. I’ve been flicking through it. It’s quite interesting.
    How did you find the book ‘Consider This’? Ill be buying it next week.
    The book ‘Building Minecraft Server Modifications’ looks interesting. My DS10 has just been allowed to start minecraft and is interested in programing. Would you suggest this book?

    • Tracey

      December 15, 2014 at 9:17 am

      I love “Consider This”. It’s one of the best Classical Education books I’ve read. I also got a different understanding of Charlotte Mason from the book.

      I really don’t know anything about the Minecraft book. I just filter through various books on Amazon and send Ethan links to possibilites and he weeds through them and picks what suits him. I have no idea about programming. Ethan (13) says the book’s good though. But that’s probably not much help.

  3. Jen in Qld

    December 15, 2014 at 6:55 am

    I have Mary Bloody Mary due to having Sonlight. I haven’t read it but a friend borrowed it and she said that it needs prereading for some reason… miscarriage, baby out of wedlock anyway just a heads up.

    Best wishes
    Jen in Qld

    • Tracey

      December 15, 2014 at 9:21 am

      I’ll read it aloud so I’ll censor it as I read. I’ve got very good at censoring as I read. Modern books force me to have to use these skills a lot. But thanks for the heads up. I didn’t realise it was a Sonlight title. That hints at it being a goodie.

  4. Petra

    December 15, 2014 at 9:22 am

    What a lovely clean desk! And a fab collection of books too!


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