Another Day

17 Feb
Today started well – a parcel on the doorstep.  You don’t get much better start to a day than that.  But they weren’t books for me.  They were for my niece’s upcoming birthday.  But that’s okay.

Before school, I pottered around doing some chores – tidying, laundry, cleaning, all the fun stuff.  Since our day is full of school, I have to find odd moments here and there for housework.  But today we needed to do a little extra as we are expecting guests tomorrow.

Once school started, we began with listening to our audio Bible and practising our Bible passage.  We always start this way.
Then we started with our reading aloud.  It’s a key element of our day.  Today we started with a lesson on personification and anthropomorphism.  We discussed the concepts and why people confuse the two.  Then we read a picture book that illustrated anthropomorphism.  The book was “The Little Red Lighthouse”, one of the boys favourites from when they were younger.  We also discussed the literary structure of the story – its setting, characters, introduction, rising action, climax, denouement, conclusion, conflict and theme.  We repeated this procedure with two other picture books (books that were on the bench for hubby to take to his grade two class) – “Circus Caps for Sale” (not as good as the original) and “The Funny Little Woman” (a Japanese folktale).  As we read and discussed, we reviewed other literary devices that we’d already learned – similes, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia, etc.

Once we finished our literature and picture book session, the boys moved to the table and began their copywork and art project (they are still working on the same project).  While they worked, I continued our reading.  I started with another Vietnamese folktale from “Children of the Dragon”.  Today’s story was about the moon and afterward there were a section about festivals.  Then we were interrupted by the postie – more books for my niece.  (It’s not a birthday without books).  No, books don’t arrive here every day (I wish!).  It just seems like it.  🙂

Then we started back on our reading.  I read sections from “10 000 Days of Thunder”.  We read about the My Lai massacre, the Vietcong and the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  Since my voice was starting to crack up, I made the decision to only read one more book.  I selected “Eagle of the Ninth” from our pile.

After reading, we moved to the table for some book work.  We started with a page of Math algorithms.  Originally, I had opened our Math text to start work on it, but, when I looked at it, I realised that I should have previewed the lesson before I tried to teach it.  So we set that aside for another day.  (High school keeps me on my toes. And some days on my knees!)  Then we parsed and diagrammed sentences and did spelling lessons.  Finally, we did our multiplication speed test.  Since we had some major cleaning to do today, for guests arriving tomorrow, we kept our tasks brief and simple.

I tidied our school desk and bought the washing in to fold it, while the boys headed outdoors to check on their watermelon and garden.  The melon’s growth has slowed recently.  Then I was interrupted by ANOTHER delivery.  Three in one day – totally unheard of.  This time it was a vacuum!!  But I hadn’t ordered a vacuum (you can’t read them!).  It turns out that the vacuum was for my neighbour.  Lucky them.  🙂

Before lunch, we jumped into the car and checked out the new Woolies supermarket.  Plus we had to pick up a few items to feed our guests tomorrow.  We also picked up some lunch.  The boys voted for rolls and hot dogs.  Quick and easy.  Just what we needed today.  After I let my boys rest for an hour (they insist on every minute, no skimping aloud), we blitzed the house.  I decided that we wouldn’t be able to concentrate on school work, looking at how much work we had in front of us, so we first worked together to at least put everything back in its place and make the house kinda look better.

With a better looking house in front of us, the boys used a text on Helen Keller to create an outline for a report they will draft on Thursday.  Then each boy spent time reading.

As the day was getting away from me, we finished school early so I could vacuum and mop.  That made me feel so much better.  Mess makes me cranky so a tidy and clean house is very relaxing.   After my cleaning, and in my laid back mood, we picked up our novel, “Eagle of the Ninth” and read another chapter, followed by a chapter of “The Happiest Refugee” (Boy, they had terrifying boat trip out from Vietnam!).

Daddy walked into the house just as we finished our reading and he decided to read more of his book, “Eldest”.  Yes, our life centres around reading aloud.  We love books.

While they read, I found some youtube videos of Vietnamese water puppetry.  It is sooo cool!!  I need to track down a video that shows how they control those puppets.  They are amazing!  I’ve never seen anything like them before.

In the evening, after chicken kebabs and rice for tea, we watched a documentary on the Vikings.  Kids then had showers, while I cleaned the kitchen, made a shopping list, gathered our library books together to return, and later cleaned the bathroom.

Now that my house is clean and guest ready, I’m off to bed to read for a while, which is how every day ends – with a good book.


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  1. Jen

    February 25, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    I just love your ‘day in the life’! It’s always good to see how others go through their days.


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