09 Apr

There hasn’t been a lot of time around here lately but we managed to find time to spend an afternoon with our Little Missy at Seaworld.

First we saw the penguins, as per her request.

004 (Small)

We were just in time for a talk.

017 (Small)

Next, we stopped off at the touch pools where Little Missy declared, “I no want to touch that!”

028 (Small)

The touch pools were on the way to the aquarium, as Little Missy wanted to see the sharks.

048 (Small)

Not many two year olds probably want to check out the sharks, but our Little Miss enjoyed them.

080 (Small)

You have to admit they are impressive, although it’s easy to say that when we’re on the other side of glass!

087 (Small)

On the way out of the aquarium, Little Missy spotted staff climbing into the water with the sharks.

117 (Small)

I wonder what was going through her mind, especially after the boys just finished telling her that sharks will eat you.

118 (Small)

We ran with her back to the aquarium to show her what the divers were doing.

119 (Small)

But it was just some housecleaning. No one was getting eaten.

138 (Small)

After all that excitement, one needs icecream, wouldn’t you agree.

143 (Small)

We finished off our icecreams while watching the sea lion show.

221 (Small)

Having been to Seaworld more times than we can count, I will say that the same old show does get a little old.

227 (Small)

But those sea lions are gorgeous creatures.

238 (Small)

Before heading home, the adventurous ones jumped on a ride, while the sensible folk watched from the sidelines.

295 (Small)

And then we made the long hike back to the entrance, farewelling creatures as we went.

332 (Small)

All in all, a lovely afternoon at Seaworld.

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Posted by on April 9, 2015 in Family Life, Field Trips


One response to “Holidays

  1. Petra

    April 10, 2015 at 7:31 am

    Looks great! We’re in winter clothes down here 😉


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