Homeschool Made Simple – Carole Joy Seid

12 Apr

Just in case you haven’t seen it, Compass Classroom has a new video series called “Homeschool Made Simple“.   Basically it’s a series that puts homeschool speakers on video, to make what they have to teach us, accessible to a greater audience – like us poor Aussies who don’t have access to these highly sought after international speakers.

The first speaker is one I’d never heard of – Carole Joy Seid

(Has anyone here heard of her before?).

Having watched all 6 workshops now, I’m so thankful to Compass Classroom for introducing her to me.  Her approach is very much a literature-focused approach (which speaks directly to my heart) and she has lots of advice to share.

To get a taste for what she has to say, the first workshop is currently available for free.

And until April 15th (US time), “Homeschool Made Simple – Carole Joy Seid” (available as dvd or mp4 download) is priced at $19.00US, a 50% discount off their normal price.

I highly recommend the workshops.  I’m currently working my way through the workshops a second time!

And now I’m drooling over some of the downloadable seminars on Carole’s website.

I can’t wait to see which other speakers “Homeschool Made Simple” will feature, to see who else I have been missing out on!


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