A Very Wet Friday

01 May

The heavens have well and truly opened today.

035 (Small)

It would have been a lovely morning to sleep in and then snuggle up for a nice long read aloud session.

015 (Small)

However, we had to hop in our car and row down the highway to the theatre to see a performance of “The Carnival of the Animals”.

005 (Small)

It was well worth the treacherous trip.

The performance was completely different to anything we’d seen before at this theatre.

Instead of a regular play or musical, “The Carnival of the Animals” was a mixture of circus and gymnastics.

It was wonderful

…but I’ve come to expect wonderful as we’re rarely disappointed with these performances.

After the performance, we had lunch and a play with friends – an inside play as the rain was torrential in the afternoon.

Now, with our friends braving the wet roads home, we’ve all headed to different corners of the house to enjoy our own quiet pursuits.

Rainy days are so relaxing.

A lovely way to end a week.

047 (Small)

….This kookaburra is finding it difficult to see the same beauty in a rainy day.

He should look on the bright side.

Tomorrow the worms will be out!


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Posted by on May 1, 2015 in Family Life, Field Trips


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