Telephones – The Great Interrupters

02 May

Telephones, for all their merits, are frustrating things.

It seems like every time we sit down to do something, someone chooses to ring and interrupt us.

Sometimes it’s a scammer calling (you know the ones…”This is Rajesh Smith, from Windows, calling you about your computer virus”),

sometimes it’s an organisation explaining the merits of why you should donate more money to yet another apparently worthy organisation,

and sometimes, although much less often than the other two callers, it’s a person you actually know calling for a “quick” purpose, which almost always turns into an lengthy discussion.

“Ignore the call and let the answering machine take the message,” you say.

Oh sure, and who amongst you actually has the will-power to wait until later to find out what your caller wanted.  Curiosity kills the cat, you know!

We have become slaves to these machine.  We jump when they jingle, regardless of what important activity they disturb.

This weekend, to my delight, my phone has been put in its rightful place.

001 (Small)

The recent torrential rain has severed our phone connection.  (Rest assured, for some bizarre but blessed reason, it hasn’t affected our internet connection.)

The silence has been blissful; no ring-a-ding-ding machine screaming in my ears morning, noon and night.

We’ve happily slept-in with the knowledge that no one could wake us at the crack of dawn.

We’ve read aloud for long undisturbed hours.

We’ve happily started in-depth activities assured that we wouldn’t be called away by that phone.

However, tonight, we were just reaching the climax of our Shakespeare play on dvd, and had our blissful bubble burst – not by the telephone but by a Skype call.

Seriously.  There’s no place to hide.  They WILL find you

…and always when it’s the most inconvenient time possible.

Telephones, Skype, mobiles and doorbells!

Honestly, is there no peace from these buzzy machines that demand our attention at the ring of their bell.


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3 responses to “Telephones – The Great Interrupters

  1. Jen

    May 2, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    I like to tell the people who will actually be friends or relatives that I am scanning my calls so they will get the machine but I will ring them back asap. And then I set the machine to answer after one ring. Then I don’t have time to get to it anyway!

  2. Sarah

    May 3, 2015 at 1:09 am

    We only have mobiles; no landline. That’s how we got rid of telemarketing plus saved a few dollars. The mobiles are easy to switch to silent and my friends and family already know not to ring during school hours, so if there are any calls on there, I know it’s not loved ones and don’t even bother returning the call. Problem solved! Highly recommended!

    • Tracey

      May 3, 2015 at 2:43 am

      Not so sure about that solution. I hate my mobile even more than my phone. Then I couldn’t even leave the house in peace. (Very few people have my mobile number. It’s for emergencies only).

      Telemarketers aren’t the problem. We put our name on that ‘don’t call’ list and when we moved house we refused to give our number out to businesses unless we felt they had a reason to have it. This cut our telemarketers to almost zero. Most of our phone calls now are charities and scammers and they drive me nuts. They always call in the evening because they know people generally aren’t home in the daytime and they always catch us in the middle of prime family time. The fact that criminals scammers can call us in our home is so wrong. I get these calls multiple times each week. This week I’ve had two computer virus scammers and one Qantas scam call.

      But even friendly phone calls annoy me. No matter what we are doing, it’s expected that we drop everything, and run to the phone or answering machine at its command. It just doesn’t seem right that everyone becomes second best when that machine rings. Dinners go cold, guests sit waiting, movies are paused…because that machine interrupted us.

      I generally only give out my email address to people. That way I determine when I have time to reply.

      I can’t believe it! Actually I can. I was just interrupted by that wretched phone – well the mobile. A family member calling me to tell me my phone isn’t working!!!


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