Kubla Khan – A Great Book

12 May

We are reading about all things Chinese at the moment,

(and loooooving it)

so, of course,

we are also reading about Marco Polo and the great Kubla Khan.

In our reading, we stumbled upon a really good book about Kubla Khan so I had to share.

002 (Small)

When I was purchasing this book, it was a bit of a gamble as I couldn’t look inside the book at any sample pages.

(I hate that)

The book wasn’t cheap

(nothing is at present with the horrible conversion rate between the Aussie dollar and green back),

so I had to go with my gut on this one.

Thankfully, the gamble paid off.

The book is wonderful.

(I noticed in the author’s blurb the name of another book that could so easily find its way to my house, particularly if it’s as good as this one.)

010 (Small)

Kubla Khan was a fascinating man.

Have you made the connection between Kubla and Genghis?

Genghis, the fearsome Mongol warrior, who terrorised the world for a time, was Kubla’s grandad.

These sorts of connections are so important to make.

In fact, vital.

(Can you guess which tangent we’ll be following soon?  Yes, we’re going to learn a bit about Genghis Khan too.)

004 (Small)

The book is beautifully illustrated and contains more than enough content to give you a very firm picture of who Kubla Khan was and why he’s remembered.

It’s definitely a living book.

(Charlotte Mason-ers will know what I mean by this.)

Did you know that much of what we know about Kubla Khan comes from Marco Polo’s book, “The Travels of Marco Polo”?

(Another fascinating read!  Yesterday, we read various chapters of it and were enthralled. We may have to purchase that book too!)

006 (Small)

This will show the level of my school-made ignorance…

Until studying Kubla Khan in our homeschool, I had no idea that he wasn’t Chinese, but rather a Mongolian invader.

And yes, I studied History in high school, and scored highly, even though it seemingly had very little affect on my understanding of the past.

Thank goodness for homeschooling and great books.

011 (Small)

Even if you aren’t studying China or the Great Khan, you will want to read this book,

or at least something about Kubla.

The descriptions, in this book, of Kubla Khan’s world are wonderful

and the Great Khan’s realm itself was amazing.

Marco Polo was a lucky man to have seen those sights.

No wonder he remained for so long.

008 (Small)

This book isn’t quite as splendid as Kubla Khan’s empire,

(what is!)

but for a picture book, it ranks pretty highly.

I wish there were more books of its caliber.

I want to fill my shelves with books like this one!

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