“From Slave Ship to Freedom Road”

23 May

This week, we read a powerful book about the plight of African Americans during the time of slavery.

It was called, “From Slave Ship to Freedom Road”.

013 (Small)

I’m always looking for books like this

– that don’t gloss over the ugliness of the period,

in order to make it ‘palatable’ to children.

Some things are just too ugly to be ‘tidied up’.

011 (Small)

The book is an emotional journey

from the slave ships to the slave market,

from the fear to the heart break,

from hope and action to freedom.

The text is often raw and confronting

and the dialogue is written as it might have been spoken.

008 (Small)

The illustrations in this book are equally as powerful,

evoking very strong emotions in the reader.

005 (Small)

The illustrations are quite simply,


drawing you into the reality of the scene.

009 (Small)

I also appreciated the visualisation opportunities in this book.

At appropriate points in the book (but not too frequently),

the reader is asked to try and step into the thoughts or feelings of a person.

While an impossible task, it led to potent discussions.

010 (Small)

While not a book for the very young student,

I highly recommend this book for students completing a unit on slavery.

It doesn’t cover every topic in depth,

but it adds the much needed human and emotional element of this period.

It’s a truly excellent and necessary book.

012 (Small)

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