A Great Book on Marco Polo

14 Jun

If you are looking for a great book about Marco Polo to read to the kids,

then this is one that I’d recommend –

 “The Adventures of Marco Polo”

by Russell Freedman.

003 (Small)

It’s not a simplistic summary for the youngest crowd

or a complex reading like the original “Travels of Marco Polo”.

It’s a book that I would consider a ‘just right’ read.

Not too little and not too much.

009 (Small)

I really loved that the book seamlessly incorporates direct quotes from the original “Travels of Marco Polo” into the text.

And the illustrations are lovely as well.

005 (Small)

If you read about Marco Polo while studying Ancient China,

you’ll gain a greater appreciation for Marco’s dying words,

“I have only told the half of what I saw”.

010 (Small)

Marco Polo’s story is fascinating.

If you haven’t stopped to study him, make sure to take some time to read about him.

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